Checklist for Renovating Your Home

Are you renovating your home and looking for a guide to ensure you’ve got your checklist in order? Perhaps you need to read on ahead, we hope this practical guide would help you get a kick start!


First you got to budget, this will help you immensely. If you set aside an amount for your house expenses monthly, you will be able to understand the value of savings and know how to budget!

You could set aside a one-time amount for the aesthetics of your house so you wouldn’t have to keep adding to your expenses.

Bed and addons

When you are renovating you need to ensure that the bed and mattress you are sleeping on Is comfortable, if you feel it is time to get a new mattress – that should be top priority. The aesthetic of your home comes in later. First is your comfort!


If you do not like your flooring, there are many options for you – one being changing them. You could think of how long you want to be in your home for- depending on your job and its sustainability. Based on that you could either get new flooring or even get the current floors simply carpeted.

Carpeted floors are less expensive, but would need to be taken care of well.


Whilst renovating – check with your painter on the right wall colours you want to have. You could check out water proof paint that would help you, or even double coated paint to ensure that your wall be less dirty.


Check if your current heaters are working, if not you need to ensure that works. You do not want to be freezing in a nice home!

You can also check out fans Sydney online if you are looking for cooling systems for your home.

Living interior

Now that you checked all your necessities   – you could relax a little and now tick off the aesthetic factors of your home.

Have you decided to keep your current couching? Or have you decided to get in new ones. If so – we recommend that you start your process early.

Seeking services

You could contact an architect and furniture designer to help you out, before you do this- set aside an amount you could spend for the interior of the home. You do not want to start the process and involve another party if you would not be able to cover the expenses.

Being patient

When you are renovating, we understand how overwhelming it could be. It is important that you understand that this process requires patience.

You may have part of your home ready, before the final touch ups. You could stay in your home or find another place to stay in then. However, if you understand that time is all you could give this project, you will not get overwhelmed at times.

We hope you were able to find this guide to double check your requirements, remember start with the necessities and then move on to the interior and aesthetics!

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