Tips for Taking Care of Yourself

We live in a busy world, either it is work, school or responsibilities at home. Things like this will always be there in our life and it is important to take care of them at the same time it is very important to take care of oneself.

When it comes to tending to everything else besides oneself, we always find time somehow but when it comes to extending the same sort of treatment to ourself we find excuses. Many think that looking after one self or spending some me time is selfish but this is far from truth. For a person to happily go on it is very important to invest in yourself.

What happens when you don’t take care of yourself?

When you don’t give your body the care and love it needs you will soon burnout. You will find yourself having no motivation or energy to carry out anything. You get distracted easily and tend to lose focus, your sleep patterns get disturbed, your stress level goes high as a consequence of stress you can start binge eating, get into the habit of alcohol and smoking, waste time on useless things and ultimately your productivity goes down.

Spend some time of the day for yourself

You can start off slow, in a day at least spend15-20 minutes only for yourself, disconnect from the outside world, start a journal, write down about your day, positive messages to yourself, goals that you want to reach, your dreams.

Try meditating, meditation is known to calm oneself and also bring a sense of peace and increase mindfulness. You can just spend these few minutes even doing nothing or having a nice relaxing bath and don’t think about anything or anyone else during this time.

Speak nicely to your self

We are good critics when it comes to ourself, we know how to curse and even scold ourselves, but love should be first shown by yourself. Only when you love yourself will your body and mind love you back and work well. Look in the mirror and speak good words.

Do something your heart desires

You may have certain things in your bucket list you want to try. Go to a new city, get a new hair colour from a Perth hair salon, finish an entire pizza by yourself. Whatever it is grant yourself these wishes and make yourself happy.

Sleep well

It is very important to get a good sleep, this is the way body recharges itself therefore getting 8 hours of sleep is vital for the body.

Eating healthy

Sometimes when people get stressed, they start binge eating which is very bad for the health. What you eat also affects the mood, eat a balanced healthy meal that contain all the necessary nutrients.

Exercise regularly

Exercise is very important, physical activity has a role in improving the mood and makes you feel better. Start exercising for at least 30 min and three times a week.

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