The Benefits of Resinous Floor Coating

Resinous floor coating or epoxy coating is a way of coating floors with a mixture that consists resin and hardener. The coating can be used over floors made of various flooring materials such as concrete, wood, VCT or tile. It is mostly used on industrial floors due to the many benefits it brings. Take a look what is below to find out what the benefits of epoxy flooring are and why you should try it.

Cleaning Made Easy

This type of coating does not leave any joints, ridges or even seems like other types of flooring such as tiles or even carpets. Instead, epoxy floor coating is a mixture that is poured over the surface area of the floor. This leaves a smooth surface making it easier to clean. Since there are no cracks or ridges, there is no way of dirt or sand collecting in-between boards or ridges. So, you don’t have to worry about discoloured cracks and ridges on your floors and certainly don’t have to worry about getting down to clean those tiny cracks.


One of the hardest things when it comes to flooring is the stains. Especially when it comes to industrial sites and other busy areas, the chances of staining are high. People constantly move across these floors and stains are created due to spills, scratches as well as dirt and mud patches. Even the strongest flooring options are sometimes prone to stains. However, resinous floor coating is resistant to any kind of stains that can form on the floor. What is more is that it is resistant to water, unlike wood or laminates that warp due to water stains.


Durability in flooring is an essential factor to look into when choosing the right flooring materials. In order to maintain them in good condition it is necessary to opt for a material that is not easily prone to stains or cracks. The chemical compounds on resinous coating provide just that with the impact resistant surface it creates. Whether you use a floor for storage, handle heavy machinery your floors will remain good. They are also resistant to heavy shock or heat that can create in industrial sites.


Choosing materials for floors means you are charged usually by the square feet. When compared to many other materials that are used as floors, the amount for sauce feet that you have to pay for resinous flooring is very low. This has a benefit in the long run too. Due to its stain resistant nature and durability, you will not have to cage the floors for a long time. Which means your cost of renovation and maintenances too will be low.


This is also known to be one of the eco-friendly materials to be used as flooring. Because the material does not erode or flake, there will be minimum waste produced. As opposed to other flooring options, the waste left behind by installation of resinous floors are also very low. This makes it one of the best choices for green businesses as well.

Still wondering what it is the best flooring options for your site? Keep the above benefits in mind when you shop so you can choose the right flooring option for you.

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