The 6 Toddler Necessities to Have

Just like The Jungle Book’s “the bare necessities” which is great pun to the word bear, Baloo explains to Mowgli the only essentials he needs in order to live a great life. For him it was a honeycomb, a few fruits and a tree for a good back scratch.

As much as those sound-like great elements to a fulfilling life, it maybe differs for a toddler. Entering the stage of experimenting a toddler’s requirements can be quite vast. Here we list down 6 toddler necessities and exactly where to get them. Ensuring your toddler gets to experience their new world in the most creative way possible. 

Toddler approved recipes

A child refusing to eat food you’ve spent a long time on trying to make tasty and healthy can be disappointing. The flat-out refusal or spitting out food is frustrating to watch. If you are facing this issue get on to the website to find some new creative toddler approved recipes. They are easy to make and use healthy ingredients needed for a child’s development.

Ice Frosties

Its summer, its hot and the heat is getting to everyone, especially to your now cranky toddler. The new silicone padded; safe ice trays are the best solution to homemade popsicles. With the cute shapes and colours a strawberry flavoured ice frostie is the best remedy to beat the heat.


Grains of food or spilled milk litter the table, floor and everything in-between. Toddlers can be messy eaters but with this silicone, easy to clean tablemats the messy is easier to clean. It also encourages kids to eat without spilling too much teaching them better eating habits.

Baking goods

Animal shaped cookies, decorating cupcakes or biscuit based puddings. Kids love the thrill of helping to bake goodies. Kids experimenting are vital for their growth and development of their fine motor skills. Mixing ingredients and adding their own twist help them think creatively and enjoy the process of baking.

Grip cups

These new extra grips cup ideal for helping toddlers hold onto cups instead of them slipping from under them. Useful cold and hot beverages they are made of safe materials are do not melt, chip or break over time. Long lasting and visually appealing these cups are portable and light. Fit for those picnics or while in a vehicle.

Food carries or lunch boxes

Toddlers are constantly hungry. As a parent you need to have a steady influx of food or snacks to solve the temper tantrums and mood swings. Varying from boiled veggies, biscuits or macaroni the new snack boxes are the solutions to all your problems. Able to hold wet and dry foods they are of a convenient size and can fit into the smallest of bags. Perfect for school recess or a day out at the park.

The new developments in toddler necessities are built to make life for a parent easy and a child’s life enjoyable. Available online or within close access these lifesavers are a few clicks away.

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