How to Maintain Your Wheels and Tyres

No matter how many puddles or potholes you try to avoid, it’s almost impossible to maintain immaculate tyres. From rain, mud to brake dust your alloy wheels are bound to get dirty the minute your leave the garage with a new set of wheels.

So, it is always important to maintain and clean your wheelsets, especially the alloy ones which are quite expensive. Just because they are expensive don’t opt for cheaper wheels.

In an ideal scenario the best tip is to clean your wheels after every use. Everyone knows this isn’t practical so therefore make sure to give it a wash at least once every week when you give your car an exterior wash.

Always wash the wheels first before moving on to the exterior because washing the wheel last will make brake dust splash on to the exterior that was just recently washed.

Below are a few steps on how to keep your wheels shiny and also use them for longer.

Before you Begin

Ideally the first thing to do when it comes to giving your alloy wheels a good wash is to remove the wheel completely. Now this step isn’t necessary, but it is the best way to wash your wheels because it makes it easier to access to the hard to reach areas.

An important thing to note is that after removing the wheel you shouldn’t let the alloy wheel touch the floor. Use some sort of suspension to hold it in place. Always provide the best for your car. For example, deals offer some of the best wheel sets in the market.

Remove Brake Dust

One of the main things that damage alloy wheels and make them dirty is brake dust. It can be corrosive and also quite difficult to get rid of. Brake dust is basically made when during braking.

Your best friend when it comes to getting rid of brake dust is a pressure washer. You could try using your hard and piece of cloth, but it will require a considerable amount of force.

What Next

After ideally removing the wheel and using a pressure was to get rid of the brake dust,

Step 1: Use a scrub to remove other contaminants that wasn’t washed off by the pressure washer. You can use a shampoo or car cleaner to help loosen the dirt.

Step 2: After removing most of the dirt and giving the wheel another spray from a hose or pressure washer use a dedicated wheel cleaner and set it soak the stubborn stains that weren’t removed from the previous steps.

Step 3: After soaking use a soft tipped brush to give a rougher scrub to the wheel to remove the stubborn patches. Rinse thoroughly.

Step 4: Lastly apply a good sealant after drying.

Maintaining your alloy wheels so that it looks shiny and brand new adds character to your car and makes it look good. Remember to give it a wash at least once a week so that you don’t have to keep changing them frequently.

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