Pros and cons of gender-based education systems

The single gender-based education system dates to the 18th century and coeducation was initiated in the 19th century. It was identified when both genders coexisted in a classroom, the girls tend to do better in subjects such as science and mathematics. Though single gender based education is not mostly available in private schools in many countries, we can see the trend in most public schools. For those who are in favor of single gender education may argue that some cultures and countries may encourage this method after a certain age of a child’s life as having opposite sex may be a distraction. Some might also argue that separating girls and boys may not have a huge impact, and it accomplishes so little.

The system of separating children based on gender varies from country to country. It is observed that while this system continues in Australia an all girls school Brisbane has encourages activities such as sports meets and interactions with male schools. The level of excelling in their academics do not solely depend on gender and there could be so many external implications. One researcher has proven that girls tend to remember better in warmer environments while boys tend to react better in warmer classrooms. Some educators also suggest single gender based education can broaden educational prospects for both genders.

When a country encourages single gender-based education, they need to endure that they have the right educators with the gender specific teaching techniques to provide the correct guidance for the students. However, when selecting an education method for the children, it is important to identify both advantages and disadvantages a child may have to face in the future. Students who are groomed in a single gender classroom may one day have to work and live with the opposite sex. Some may find it hard to mingle and fit into the society at such instances.

Over the years there has been many laws and regulations established to streamline and safeguard the single gender-based education in many countries. United States of America is one of the most active countries with this regard. Associations such as American council on Education and American Civil Liberties Union has been closely monitoring the single gender-based schools in America while fighting against any injustices caused due to the gender-based system of education. Same gender based educational settings are also offered to improve achievements for low-income students of color.   

Many who have attended single gender-based schools have shared that due to the system, they were greatly benefited. Some however see no difference in attending a same gender school or mixed school. Many who flourished in single-gender environments would have had an equally rewarding experience at a public school. While some developed countries such as America may not be in favor of the idea of gender based education, many other parts of the world such as Middle Eastern and Asian countries are highly in favor of the idea of the gender based education as it is in-line with their religious and cultural beliefs. These aspects summarize the pros and cons of gender-based education.

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