Different Types of Psychologists and Their Functions

Life throws a lot of challenges, and sometimes, individuals are completely disturbed by the events occurring, thus lowering their cooperating level. For instance, the sudden death of a beloved one can emotionally traumatize the partner.

Hence, causing severe difficulties in coping with reality and moving on in life. In such cases, external help is required to bring them out of the shock. Here is when one consults a psychologist to get the appropriate help and overcome the situation.

When we talk about psychologists, the first thought that crosses the mind is a conversation with a person on the couch. Pretty much true when it comes down to therapy sessions, but psychology is a whole lot more. Various other elements of this atmosphere seek concern and interaction with the psychological department. 

As seen, many professionals host individual one-to-one meetings to deal with respected clients. They spend hours analysing the whole incident and implement effective solutions to improve their lifestyle.
However, did you know?

Some environmentally friendly psychologists work towards the reduction of global warming. Furthermore, some make a thesis on the behavioural patterns of a human being. So, this underlines the vast choices of psychological professionals available in today’s time.

Perhaps, similarly to how there are expert doctors for severe illness, there are professionals for individual divisions. Here below, we have mentioned the specialized areas for a psychologist and their functionality. 

What do they specialize in?

Aviation Psychologist

Derived from its name, these doctors of aviation study the behaviour of the crew members and the pilot. They have equal authority to make a decision when it comes to recruiting employees for the aviation industry. Aviation psychologists also conduct research to improve aviation operations. 

For example, they perform research on effective and better airline safety measures. Moreover, they also develop new strategies and training programs for operators.

As mentioned above, they also integrate psychological tests for candidates that test their ability and capabilities. Such is the nature of the job; it requires an individual who works well with intense pressure and has critical thinking ability. 


Also known as the biological psychologist or the psychologist of psychology. Got confused? These professionals study the brain and its behavioural pattern. By analysing and inspecting the brain’s activities, the bio psychologist can identify the factors that affect how one feels, thinks, and reacts. If you have any behavioural problems, a Psychologist in Caboolture could help you. This type of expert also understands how brain injury impacts human behaviour. 

Clinical Psychologist

What we referred to in the beginning of this text, of an individual session with clientsis called clinical psychology. These psychologists evaluate, diagnose, and heal individuals who are experiencing distress and mental problems.

Hence, they also integrate psychotherapy to defeat the issue. As a common requirement, these experts are available in hospitals and mental health clinics. However, many operate their own private clinics too. Yet, even though they work in hospitals, they are not physicians. It means they cannot prescribe medications.

However, these are just a few of the various types. Other types of psychologists are Cognitive, Community, Educational, Counselling, Environmental, and many more. 

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