Pre-Event Venue Inspection Checklist

When planning an event, there are many decisions you will have to make. And choosing the right venue for the occasion is a critical decision. This will impact the ambience and atmosphere of the event. And you need to inspect the venue to have a good idea of the location.

Before the actual event date,

You need to visit the chosen location so that you can inspect it for critical factors. You have to consider the safety and accessibility of the venue. You can check whether the emergency exits are clearly marked and can be easily accessed by all the guests. Ask the venue management about their fire safety measures. Some of the items you can check regarding this will be smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, sprinklers etc. You can ask the venue whether the space is accessible to all guests. The venue should have handicap accessibility and this should include accessible restrooms, elevators and ramps. You can ask the View by Sydney about their capacity before making a decision on the venue so that you know it can comfortably accommodate all the guests. Ask about the seating arrangements that can be provided by the venue. For example, you can have banquet style seating, theatre style seating etc.               

You can check the floor plan of

The venue on their official website to see how the traffic flows around the space. You need to zone the space according to the moments you have in the event. For example, if you are planning a wedding, there will be a space for the ceremony and reception. You need to check the amenities and facilities provided by the venue. Check the condition of their restrooms and whether these are properly cleaned. You can also ask whether there are changing rooms that can be made available for the bridal party. And if your event is scheduled to be in the colder months, you need to see if the venue has a coat check area. Ask to see the bar area and check what kind of beverage options you will have to choose from. Also, it can be easier to select catering from the venue if this is provided. And if you plan to go with this option, make sure to inspect the food preparation areas and the kitchen.

The lighting and sound systems

Should be evaluated before the actual event so that you have a good idea of what to expect. Check the lighting options available at the venue such as decorative lighting, overhead lighting and whether there natural lighting can also be accommodated. The sound needs of your event should be consider. And you can check with the venue management whether the quality of the venue sound system is sufficient for your requirements. Another important factor to check is parking. Is there sufficient space for the guests to park and is the parking area properly lit and secured? Some guests may use public transportation so you need to check accessibility. You have to discuss your décor plans with the venue coordinator beforehand so that you know if they can be accommodated. There may be certain décor restrictions such as not being able to have open flames so you need to understand these limitations prior to planning.

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