How to Choose a Backdrop for a Wedding

There are many aspects to consider when planning a wedding and one of the important décor elements you will need to select is the backdrop. This will be the canvas for the ceremony and reception so you need to choose a backdrop that reflects the theme of the celebration you are going for.

There are different wedding themes such as rustic weddings,

Beach destination weddings, black-tie weddings etc. And this has to be decided at the beginning of planning as this will influence all the decisions that will come after it such as the wedding backdrops, furniture styles, décor, dresses, wedding cakes etc. Once you have a good idea of the theme, you can start looking for inspiration on some of the main elements. For example, a rusting wedding can have wildflowers draped over a wooden arch for the backdrop. You have to consider the limitations of the venue as well. Always visit the venue so that you understand it better and this gives you an opportunity to get an idea of its features and what you can draw from it as inspiration. For example, there are some venues that come with a beautiful natural landscape which can influence the theme for the wedding and you can use décor and the backdrop to highlight the beauty and invite the guests to see the landscape from a new perspective.

When you have a natural landscape,

You don’t need to go for an elaborate backdrop and have it frame the view. This will create a magical theme for your wedding. But there are instances where you can’t rely on the surroundings to provide the scenery for your wedding. There may be certain elements that you will need to hide. In this situation, you need to choose an elaborate backdrop that draws the eye and dominates the landscape. If you are in an indoor venue, you can use custom designed backdrops that use fairy lights, drapery and flowers to create something striking. However, you will need to consider the budget when selecting a backdrop. You can have this as the most significant décor element as it frames the ceremony and you can also have it double as a photo backdrop. You can also look into DIY backdrops or rentable backdrops to bring down the cost.

Look for ways to personalise the backdrop.

There should be something that expresses the personality of both partners. You can incorporate symbols that have meaning to you, a favourite quote etc. This is what creates something unique. Before the actual wedding date, you need to test the lighting with the installed backdrop to see how this changes its outlook. Some of the lighting elements you can use are candles, string lights and up-lighting. The colour palette for the wedding should be used in the backdrop so that you can tie all the different décor elements together. And this allows you to create a cohesive design. Think about how the backdrop highlights the photographs; you can get some input from the photographer regarding this.

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