5 Points to Consider When Buying an Air Conditioner [Comprehensive Guide]

If you’re thinking of buying an air conditioner, this ultimate guide has got you covered. It runs through everything to consider, from deciding between ducted system air conditioning vs split systems, to energy efficiency. So read ahead to learn more!

AC Unit Type

First and foremost, you need to decide the type of air conditioner that you’ll get. Split units are the most affordable, plus they can be removed which makes them ideal if you’re going to be shifting houses a lot.

But there’s also ducted air conditioners, and when it comes to ducted air conditioning vs split systems, the truth is that ducted options have better cooling capacity, and even make less noise. But they can be quite costly to get a hold of which is the major downside.

Air Conditioner Cost

Of course, you need to consider the price of your air conditioner. The truth is that they can be expensive, so you need to look around for a model that gets you your bang for your buck. Most of the time, the more expensive ones have the most advanced features, like the Samsung 4 Ton 360 for instance.

As mentioned, split AC units are more affordable compared to duct ACs. However, although split AC units are more expensive, this is for the short term as they make for better investments since they have a superior cooling capacity.

Energy Efficiency

If you’re someone who’s very eco-conscious, you need to find a more energy efficient air conditioner. This will make sure that you use up less energy, resulting in less of a carbon footprint being produced. Of course, lower energy use also means that you would have a lower electricity bill every month.

While on the topic of energy efficiency, you should also check up on any features that help support how energy efficient the AC unit is, like scheduled cooling cycles and programmable timers – they all stop you from unnecessarily wasting electricity.

Brand Name & Reputation

Definitely consider what brand you’re buying from too. You need to buy your air conditioner from a more reputed name – this will make sure that you get your hands on a model that will last you a while. But also, working with a good brand means that you will easily be able to sort out any problems if they ever come up.

If you have a few brands in mind, you can always check their Google reviews to see which of them is worth buying from. The big names aren’t always the best option, personally, which you might see from user reviews.

Extent of Warranty

You also should consider the warranty you’ll be getting. Universally, AC units regardless of the type or model aren’t cheap. So, you need to get a proper warranty to make sure you don’t have any problems with them and that they keep running for a long time.

Naturally the brand you buy from will influence the extent of warranty you get, so definitely keep this in mind when looking around for different brands.

Final Thoughts

All in all, there are several points to consider when buying an air conditioner. However, this ultimate guide runs through the best of them. Hopefully you found everything that was discussed useful!

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