5 Factors to Focus on When Buying New Office Footwear

Choosing office footwear isn’t the same as choosing the casual type. They can feel like two completely different experiences, and the former involves a little bit of ‘work’. Here are 5 key points to focus on before buying new work footwear.   

Work Environment

The first thing you would think about is your work environment – what industry you work in and what your workspace looks like. Surely you can find some great footwear and work heels that are comfortable to wear and even trot around in with ease.

Nevertheless, you need to think about your work environment and what kind of work you do, typically. The little things matter too, such as how many stairs you’d be taking up and down, and how much time you’d be spending on your feet. It’s best to give all these factors some thought before you buy new footwear for work.


Style matters more than you know. Once again, you would pick a style or two that best suits the nature of your work. If you work in a fully corporate environment, you would be more focussed on a more elegant, chic and classy appearance.

On the other hand, if you are a teacher at elementary school or a high school professor, you might like to explore a little more in terms of style, design and colour. Unlike the former type, you needn’t stick to a single style nor go with a completely neutral colour palette for your outfits or footwear.

Specific Requirements

Sometimes, there might be very specific requirements that you need to fulfill, whether you like it or not. When you speak of personal requirements, for instance, it could be a health condition, allergies, or some sort of discomfort you deal with on a daily basis.

Owing to such conditions, you may need to avoid certain types and styles of footwear, even certain materials. Thus, if synthetic materials aren’t best for your skin, you’d need to look for a friendlier type that shouldn’t cause you any discomfort on long days at work. Investing on the wrong type will lead to 

On the other hand, some companies and institutions may have specific codes for dressing which you may need to abide by. It is essential to focus on these factors before you purchase your work footwear. 


Set a budget for your footwear, whether you buy them once or twice in a year. This should help you manage your finances. It gets easier when you are aware of the price ranges, especially if there is a specific brand or a specific store that you prefer.

Getting organized with your shopping can be really helpful in many ways. Above all, it ensures that you do not spend too much on the wrong stuff – stuff that you won’t be able to use well. 


Lastly, make sure you pay close attention to size. The standard measurements can vary from one brand to another. Therefore, make sure you look at a size chart every time you purchase a new pair, and try them on if possible. 

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