IP or intellectual property is a very important asset for individuals and businesses and it is important to consider IP legal services in order to protect them. The complicated IP laws can be navigated with the help of an IP lawyer.  In this article, we will go through some of the legal services provided by them.

A patent is a legal protection for inventors

Where they are given exclusive rights in the manufacturing, using and selling of the invention for a specific period of time. This period is generally 20 years. IP lawyers Sydney will help carry out a thorough search to verify whether your invention is unique and not already patented by another. And upon finding that it is novel, they will prepare and patent applications and file them. They will help you navigate the explanation process of the patent office to receive a granted panted. Patent enforcement is another service they can help you with where your rights to the patent can be defended against others. Sometimes there can be infringement claims that have to be pursued.

Then there are trademarks which are logos

Brand names and symbols that help differentiate your services or products from competitors in the marketplace. IP lawyers will check whether your trademark is unique by carrying out thorough research and this allows them to identify any potential conflicts regarding your trademark. There is a trademark application they will help in preparation and filing with the relevant authorities. And once you are granted the trademark, they can take legal action against another company using your trademark without you knowing. Designs can also be registered; design rights are regarding the ornamentation, shape and aesthetics of your product which all add up to its appearance. And the visual design of your products can be protected allowing you to prevent others from imitating or copying them. There are plant variety rights that pertain to the protection of new plant varieties where unauthorised propagation can be prevented. Once you have prepared and submitted the applications for plant variety protection and gained possession of the rights, you will be able to have a legal avenue to prevent the sale of protected plant varieties.

In today’s digital landscape, it is important to acquire a domain name that matches your brand

And once you have registered a domain name, IP lawyers can help resolve any disputes regarding ownership issues. IP lawyers will help you whenever there is an IP dispute; they will be able to help resolve the dispute through litigation. However, they will first consider options to resolve the dispute without litigation will be explored. These options are mediation, negotiation and arbitration. And as it has become increasingly difficult to protect sensitive business information, you can look for IP lawyers providing services such as data protection compliance and trade secret protection. If you are looking for a way to monetise intellectual property, an IP lawyer can help explain the process to you. For example, you can draft, negotiate and manage licensing agreements that allow others to use your intellectual property.

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