What to Know About Neon Signs

There is a wide variety of options available when purchasing a neon sign. These are great for businesses as they have high visibility and catch the eye of customers quickly. LED neon signs are made differently compared to the traditional signs that were made using soft lead glass and filled with gases. Today, LEDs are made from acrylic.

In traditional neon signs, the noble gas inside the tube undergoes a chemical reaction when it comes into contact with electricity. There are many advantages of using modern LED neon signs. They are very versatile and they are able to change colour which is something that traditional signs couldn’t achieve. You can purchase funky neon signs from a reputed supplier. As LED is considered more environmentally friendly, this is good for the company image as well. Ensuring environmentally friendly concepts throughout the business is what makes a real change in the company and this will appeal to your customers as well. There is more security in LED neon signs as they are shatter resistant. They are also lightweight so you can mount them on almost any wall. Unlike the glass tubing used in traditional neon signs, acrylic is a much stronger material and it will not shatter into small pieces if it is broken or falls down.         

Acrylic is a clear material and you will not see much of a difference between traditional glass and its surface. It gives a glass effect that is characteristic of neon signs. When it comes to cost, these are less expensive than operating a traditional neon sign and you don’t need to worry about them being in close proximity to customers as these don’t generate much heat. This is because LED has a lower voltage. Therefore, they are also more efficient. They are actually safe to touch. They also produce a brighter light that is more consistent. You will be able to see the sign from much further away as well. You can purchase custom neon signs and make adjustments to colours, fonts, designs etc. There are suppliers that provide custom signs, you only need to provide a template for them to work on.

There are different sizes that you can create a neon size. There are very few limitations so chances are you will be able to execute your visions without having to compromise on design details. When you are creating a design, you need to provide a simple concept to the manufacturer. It doesn’t need to be precise, you can hand sketch it, create a template online or show them a photo of what you want. Your neon sign can last up to about 15 years as long as they are maintained well. If the sign is in a busy area, you will need to clean it more. These are also easier to clean as they are not hot to the touch when lit up. And there are no dangerous gases inside the tube. You can use a feather duster, a soft bristled nylon brush and a soft cloth for cleaning. 

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