What Is the Difference Between a Cardigan and A Jumper?

Did you know that there is a difference between a cardigan and a jumper? After all, they do look the same and are being used for the same purpose. Then what exactly is the difference? The differences could be many and so are the similarities, which is why a good comparison between a jumper and a cardigan is necessary. But why?

Why do we need to know?

When trying to understand the difference between a cardigan and jumper another question that may come to our minds would be as to why we should know the difference between the two. Well, having an understanding about this difference can help you make informed choices when deciding whether to buy a jumper or cardigan.

Learning about the settings in which both of these garments can be worn may help you to decide what to wear and when to wear. It would help you to avoid wardrobe malfunctions and certain embarrassing situations you may encounter due to the lack of understanding about the two garments.

What is a jumper?

They are both garments that are worn over the top part of the body. A jumper is mostly used to keep ourselves warm especially during Winter. In fact, the term Jumper is equivalent to the term sweater which is a term mostly used in the United States of America. This type of clothing is generally worn by both males as well as females. Jumpers do not have any openings from the front, which means it is worn over the head. These jumpers may come in various sizes and may vary in terms of their length as well.

What is a cardigan?

A cardigan on the other hand, although very similar to a jumper, is open from the front. In fact, this term is apparently used for any garment that is open from the front. It could either have zips, buttons, or something else. While cardigans generally have sleeves you may also find cardigans without sleeves as well. However, the demand is apparently high for cardigans with full sleeves.

Certain cardigans may come with collars, and some may come without, and they come with different necklines as well. Cardigans with a V neck neckline are considered to be immensely popular. Many different materials can be used when making cardigans. But nothing can match the comfort and cosy feeling you get when you wear a handmade chunky cardigan.

Uses of a cardigan

Furthermore, cardigans are used to add a sophisticated sense to your overall look. This is probably why you may find people wearing cardigans in various offices, and other professional settings. This is another difference between a jumper and a cardigan as jumpers do not necessarily add that sense of sophistication to your look.

Similar to jumpers, cardigans may also come in various sizes, styles and colours and you wear different coloured cardigans with your office wear to enhance your look. This option might not be available with jumpers as jumpers are not generally worn in professional settings. As you can see due to the differences the situations in which they are worn change and that is why knowing about the differences will be helpful for us.

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