Tips for Selecting a Ticketless Parking Solution

Ticketless parking has transformed the world of parking management and this has made things more convenient and efficient. There are different parking solutions on the market so if you are considering one for your building, there are a few factors to think about.

You first need to consider the needs of your parking facility.

Some of the factors you have to consider in this will be the size of the facility, averagedaily traffic, number of exit and entry lanes and what you expect to achieve with this system. By having a clear idea of your requirements, you will be able to look for features that will be of more use for the facility. You can check out Sensor Dynamics to get an idea of some of the options open for you when it comes to ticketless parking. An important factor to check is whether the system comes with a user-friendly interface as this will be essential for both customers and staff members. This allows them to navigate the system easily. You need to check whether the system allows for mobile app integration and has features like touchscreen kiosks. This will reduce the hassle of having to deal with the parking facility.       


One of the technologies used in this system is license plate recognition.

This is where the license plate information of a customer is captured and recorded when they enter and exit the facility so that you don’t need to use physical tickets. This will also reduce a lot of paper waste. However, you need to make sure the accuracy of this technology is high as this will reduce many issues in operation. The ticketless parking system should be integrated with different payment options such as mobile payment apps, credit cards, cash and loyalty programmes so that customers have a variety of options when it comes to payment. This will allow for an easy transaction process. This will also boost the customer experience at your facility. Check whether the ticketless parking system has access to real time data and reporting so that you have a better understanding of occupancy rates, traffic patterns and revenue collection. By collecting and analysing this data, you will be able to optimise your operations and review pricing strategies. You will be able to allocate resources more efficiently as well.

Consider the level of security provided in the ticketless parking solution.

Some of the security features you should look for are secure server storage, encryption and data anonymisation. This protects user data. You may expand your operations in the future and this has to be taken into consideration when selecting a ticketless parking solution. Look for a solution that is scalable so that it can easily accommodate your changing needs. Check whether you can easily add or remove entry points and exit points to the system and integrate new technologies. There has to be regular maintenance in order to ensure smooth operation of the system. Ask whether the solution provider offers maintenance and technical support so that downtime can be minimised.

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