Tips for Selecting a Swimsuit

It can be quite difficult to choose the perfect swimsuit as there are so many options on the market but by going by certain guidelines, you will be able to choose a swimsuit that is both comfortable and flattering.

You need to first know your body shape when it comes to choosing swimwear that suits your figure. For example, if you have an hourglass figure with a well defined waist line, you will find that many swimsuit styles work great on you such as bikinis, one piece suits, high waisted bottoms etc. If you have a narrow upper body with wider hips, this means you have a pear body shape. You have to choose swimsuits that bring attention to the upper part of your body and this can be done by choosing bottoms that have simple designs or darker colours. You have to choose tops that are patterned or have embellishments so that they stay out. If you have weight in the midsection, this is called an apple shaped body and you need to look for swimsuits that offer sufficient coverage in this area. You can choose a one piece suit for this or a tankini that come with ruching.

Some people tend to have rectangular figures

And you need to look for swimsuits that can create the appearance of curves through the use of patterns ruffles and details on the hips and bust. If you have a narrow waist and broad shoulders, this is called an inverted triangle body shape and you can use swimsuits that come with more coverage at the bottom so that the proportions can be balanced. Choosing the colour of the swimsuit is also important. For this, you have to consider your skin tone as there are some colours that will complement you better. If you have a darker skin tone, you can wear vibrant colours like red, emerald green, electric blue etc. You can also wear pastels and earthy tones. Pastel colours can also be worn to complement lighter skin tones along with jewel tones such as amethyst, sapphire and ruby. Olive skin tones will do well with earthy colours such as deep turquoise and olive green. There are also those with medium skin tones that are lucky to enjoy a variety of colours complimenting their skin.

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Different swimsuit styles such as bikinis, one pieces, high waisted bottoms, tankinis etc. One piece swimsuits are great for coverage and you can find them in a variety of styles such as minimalist to fashionable. You will be able to have more flexibility when it comes to bikinis and you can actually mix and match what you have in order to create a more personalised look. A tankini has a tank top and a bikini bottom and this is still considered a two piece. You will be able to have more coverage on the top with this. For more coverage at the bottom, you can consider high waisted bottoms There are also swim dresses that have a skirted bottom attached to a one piece suit. If you are looking for swimwear tops that can be paired with swim bottoms, you can consider a rash guard.

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