Tips for Purchasing Children’s Clothes

Children’s clothes are available in plenty. The cute designs and patterns make it very hard to resist buying especially if you know a special kid who would look adorable in it. However, for the first couple of years buying children’s clothes can result in a lot of out growing.

Due to rapid growth over the first few years of life clothes may not be able to be worn for very long however cute they look. Stains and wear and tear are too a huge reason clothes can sometimes not be worn again. In order to minimize the amount un-wearable clothes here are a few tips to consider when buying children’s clothes and what you can do with the excess.

Choosing a suitable colour scheme

The bright colours and fancy patterns are very appealing but truth be told how great do they actually look. Many children’s clothes designs are not practical for everyday wear. It could be due to uncomfortable material, texture that can be torn easily or overall, too much detail.

It is important to choose colours and materials that suit the weather and practicality of the occasion. Blues, pastels shades and even a few bold coloured clothes make up a diverse and relaxing range of clothes. It does depend on your child’s preference as well but overall, the light colours can be comfortable for them as well ideal during summer and bright weather, with maybe a few bright and bold patterns for flair and personality.


In all honesty lot of the clothes these days can only last a few washes before wearing out. Therefore, it is important to buy clothes with a high-quality material that can withstand multiple washes and usage. Can stains be washed off easily and do they get stretched or faded quickly are useful tips to consider before buying clothes.

Clothes with elastic material

The only way to counter the problem of out growing clothes is to find ones that have a stretchy material. This way you would be able to extend its usage by at least a few months. There are a variety of funky and fun patterns available so be sure to check out Boo Designs for some inspiration and materials you can purchase online.

Pay attention to detail

In contrary to an extremely loud and confusing pattern in clothes you can choose to be subtle. Clothes show off personality and kids too have their own style they feel comfortable and good in. Be aware of what kind of colours, patterns and styles that like and work with those.

If your daughter takes a liking to anything shiny, pairing up a light-coloured shirt with a sequined skirt is a nice combination. By buying clothes they like, you are reducing the chance of them not wanting to wear something and increasing your ‘not in use’ pile.

By storing unused clothes, you will be able to donate it to a charity or even a children’s home so another child will be able to benefit from them.

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