Things to Consider When Selecting an eDiscovery Service Provider

In just a single state, there are already numerous companies that offer eDiscovery services. Each one of them has agents who are experts when it comes to the field and are skilled in using different platforms and tools for eDiscovery.

Just like when you’re buying any product, there are some considerations that you look into before making the final choice of what you really want. How do you choose which eDiscovery service provider to work with? Here are the important things you should consider to be sure that you’re working with the right one.

Know Who You’ll Be Working with

Knowing who you’ll be working with is important when choosing an eDiscovery service provider. You’ll be entrusting them with important information that’s why you should choose one that is trustworthy as well. It is best if you go directly to the one who will be in charge of the project in case that you choose them. That way, you could get the answers that you are looking for especially the way they handle data. Once you know who to work with, build a professional relationship with that person in a way that you could trust them with your case or company.

Handled Similar Projects in the Past

One thing to consider when choosing an electronic discovery service provider is by checking if they have handled similar projects like yours in the past. That way, you can be sure that they have an idea of how to go around your case. Inquire if they had past cases like yours before and how they handled it. Was it successful or not? It could be suspicious if they tell you that the process is 100% smooth since there will always be issues along the way. Ask more about their experience and see what you could get out from their answers.

Their Tools Suit your Case

eDiscovery these days are already made easier and faster with the help of e-discovery software and tools. Most of these service providers have their own licensed tool that they use in their projects. However, is it really the right tool for your case?

If it’s not, do they offer other alternatives that can be used for your case? While others usually don’t recommend tools other than their own, there are some who would offer you good advice. You could visit an independent consultant to be sure that there is no bias in evaluating which tool or software is the best for your case.

Check References

Another easy way to help you shortlist the prospective companies for your case is to check references and reviews from past clients. You can see this on their company website, social media page, and other sources. You’ll get an idea about the type of service they provide and if their work quality passes the standards.

Keep these things in mind when looking for an eDiscovery service provider to be sure that your case is in good hands.

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