The Evolution of Business and Marketing

Once upon a time, when people want to engage in business, they have to go through the process of hitting the jackpot of finding the perfect product, the perfect service, or yet the best idea that no one has ever done before. Once a person has done this then he would have found gold and the best thing so far is that they just have to cultivate that idea or plan into a business venture, thus the modern businessman was created.

But something changed in the last 50 years, something big that has not yet been there before emerged out of nowhere and replaced the old business strategies and the old corporate regimes. The internet happened. Everything else became blurry because of the revolution and fast paced changes that emerged in a blink of an eye, almost all aspect of human existence radically changed, including the area of business and marketing.

From the old method of advertising in the city gates screaming out your product for those prospected buyers, now we have sponsored ads and business banners in almost every corner of each webpage. Something is clear, the game changed.

How has marketing changed?

Almost all product and service has gone digital

The internet made possible to make almost all product and services go digital. It would be very much impossible for every product to be made into digital; a prime example of such would be food. And yes it is impossible to make it into digital platform but to market the brand one has to be in the digital platform to reach more people aware of the brand, create a steady flow of people interested to the brand, and to create profit even without selling the product; such as creating a large following on social media and any content aggregator site.

Costumer friction has almost gone zero

With new emerging techniques in marketing, almost all costumer friction has been erased. One good example of this is the movie streaming companies. There once was a time when a person has to get dressed, drive towards the cinema just to watch a movie, now they can actually do it in the click of a button. IVE marketing and other immersive marketing experience has now made a frictionless costumer experience by virtually plunging the consumer in the experience of helping market the brand.

Inbound marketing and its perks

Profit making has also evolved together with the times. Inbound marketing has helped businessmen create and generate profit not only through the consumption of goods, but now businesses can make money through the mere interest, data, and time of the prospect consumer. An example is the ability of video log celebrities to make profit by the views and like that they receive from a single stream of their content regardless of the site.

In hindsight looking into the phenomenon of the emerging internet the realization falls into the thought that the internet was created not for the purposes of connectivity, although it is a consequence in itself, it was created for business and to create profit. 

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