The 4 fundamental questions to ask before leaving your car for a new paint job

If you have been planning to get your vehicle repainted for good, there is no doubt that you now have understood how careful you need to be. After all, you love your ride and wouldn’t want it to look few years older after few months of a brand-new paint job. If your objective is to go for an automobile paint job that lasts for a longer time in its all glory, you should choose your service provider carefully. In doing so, getting positive answers for these questions is necessary.

These are the 4 fundamental questions to ask before getting an automobile paint job.

  1. How long and how much would it take for the whole process?

Most of the companies would want to take their time in engaging in the due work since that gives them a slight right of charging more relating the time taken for the job. This is a trap that even the most sophisticated people get caught to. On the flip side, it may actually take a longer time if you chose a place where not only painting, but typical maintenance jobs are being done. The cost must be finalized before the job is done for the most convenient outcomes for both the parties. It is vital that both of these factors are balanced and favorable towards you.

  • What is the company’s responsibility on unfinished jobs?

The post paint defects rarely occur with truly professional and well-equipped companies. Whatever the situation it was, make sure that they will attend to it on reasonable grounds. If not, it will be on your account as well.

  • What is the recommended type of the paint?

Here’s the most importance detail-based decision that you need to make in the process. In the end of the day, your best two solutions would be either Teflon based paints or ceramic ones. If you are looking for something that lasts few months for the cheapest price with no protection whatsoever, Teflon is what you need. But you should remember that you may have to repeat the painting every now and then. However, if you reached out to one of the best Brisbane based ceramic car protection applicators, they will confirm how ceramic paints whose thickness would be close to 100 times of the Teflon ones, would be the best solution. Don’t be lied to! Ceramic paints are not fire-resistant and works like a magic shield against bullets… but it will certainly help you keep the vehicle clean and shining, with almost no reaction to most of the things comes in contact with the vehicle surface.

  • How do you think I should choose the new color?

Although you sure have the liberty of choosing whatever the color you like, checking the applicator’s professionalism can be checked here. If they are going with the automobile color codes, that is as professional as it gets. This way, you know the exact color combination of the color you are getting so you can repaint it much easier.

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