How to Select Timber Outdoor Furniture

There is a certain warmth that you can get from timber outdoor furniture which is hard to replicate with other types of materials. And timber furniture can bring a touch of elegance to any outdoor space. So if you have decided to go with timber furniture for your outdoor space, there are a few things you need to consider before purchasing it.

You have to consider the type of timber that the piece of furniture is made of. Different types of timber have different qualities and characteristics. They also have different colours and tones so you need to consider which suits your aesthetic the best if you are going with the natural colour. The grain for the timber will also be different when it comes to the species. Some will have a prominent grain while others will not be as noticeable. You need to think about what will look best in your space. If you have a compact space, a noticeable grain can give the impression of crowdedness. But there are ways of muting the grain as well such as whitewashing. You also need to check whether the type of timber you see is generally used outdoors. Some examples of timber types that are used in this way are cedar, teak and acacia. It is very important to consider the quality of outdoor furniture Townsville. To get an idea of this, check for the workmanship and see if there are tight joints and even finishes. If you see any visible defects, it is best to choose something else as you will be keeping the outdoor furniture for a couple of years.                

If you are able to visit a showroom, you can sit down on the chairs, lounges etc. and consider the level of comfort. Look into comfortable cushions and seats that will allow you to lounge in the area for a long time. Cushioned seats are definitely more comfortable and try to look for furniture pieces with backrests as this will add to the comfort. If you are shopping online, you can look for reviews on the chair if available or select sofa sets and chairs that come with a cushioned seat. However, you can also add a cushion later on but keep in mind that this will change the seat height slightly. There are so many different styles of furniture that can suit rustic, modern, simplistic and traditional homes. You need to consider the theme or style you have for your home design when choosing. 

Choosing a neutral simple design will be best as this can suit a variety of designs. Natural finishes and clean lines suit a wide range of styles. Outdoor furniture is generally exposed to the elements so you need to look for something that comes with low maintenance. Regular maintenance is what keeps outdoor furniture looking as good as new. So you will need to clean them routinely with a soft brush and inspect the furniture for damage. You also need to check whether the furniture item comes with a warranty as this will give you some peace of mind that your investment is protected. There is a large range of prices for timber furniture so you need to balance quality with affordability.

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