How to Select a Jewellery Storing Service?

While there is an obvious value to jewellery, it also carries a sentimental value to its owner. The jewellery may be passed down from generations in your family with it being a precious heirloom or it can be an engagement ring reminding you of your partner and the start of your life. But however you value your jewellery, you need to consider how to store it because of its monetary value.

Storing jewellery at home can be quite risky as there can be theft or a break-in. While keeping a few wearable pieces at home is okay, it is not recommended to store all your jewellery at home. The main reason that people consider a storage service for jewellery is because of the heightened security. This level of security cannot be replicated in most homes.

Storage facilities have secure vaults that are protected within multiple layers of security and they will also have fire suppression systems and biometric access controls making it very difficult for theft. Check with the facility about the additional security features they can provide you with. When choosing jewellery storage you should check whether they can offer insurance for your items in case of loss, theft or damage. The full value of jewellery should be covered by the insurance and it should also be provided by a reputed insurance company.       

Consider reputation of the storage facility as this will give more credibility to the company

You can check for reviews and ratings from customers that have used or are still using the services of the storage facility. Go through the reviews to see whether they are satisfied with the security offered and whether they are able to access the jewellery easily. You can also search online for company history and see how long they have been operating in the industry. Their official website will let you know if they are accredited by professional organizations or whether they have received recognition for their services from an industrial association.

But even if you find a secure service, you need to check whether you are able to access the jewellery when you need to. It is easier if the storage facility is located at a convenient place closer to your work or home. But if you don’t need to frequently access your jewellery, location will not be a big consideration. But you need to check whether they offer services such as mobile apps and online inventory management so that you can keep track of your jewellery. Check their official page for additional services such as cleaning and appraisal services. Maybe they offer customization for your storage space.

This level of flexibility will ensure that your requirements are met at all times. Check if they offer climate control as this can ensure your jewellery is kept in good condition. The cost is another important consideration. You can compare prices offered by similar storage facilities to see whether you are provided with a reasonable cost for the service.

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