How to Properly Care for Your Solar Panel

Solar panels are one of the major purchases you would spend on once you turn into renewable solar energy. Logically thinking, you should know how to properly care for them and to spend all your available resources (time, money, effort) into making sure they are efficiently running and in good condition at all times. Not only because you spent a considerable amount of money on the panels, but also because the panels are the tools harnessing the sun’s photons to convert it into the energy that you are using for your home or for your business.

Solar panel maintenance must be a routineendeavour to make sure there are no costly issues to restore because of neglect. The list below enumerates the few things you could do to maintain and clean your solar panels.

Make sure your solar panels absorb enough sunlight

Solar panels are created to absorb enough sunlight and if they are installed in a place where they are not getting enough sunlight would cause them to become inefficient. Not to mention, you are not getting your money’s worth because the panels are not doing what they are supposed to do.

When you purchase solar panels, a good solar company would inform you of all the things you need to know about solar energy and how you could benefit from this investment. Purchase the panels from a reputed company and who’s been in the industry for a long time who could expertly guide you on the pros and cons of solar energy.

Check the solar panel’s performance regularly

If you are checking the panel’s performance regularly, you would know when they are underperforming. Keeping a record of their energy output would help you keep track of their performance and when they are in need of tune ups. Of course, you also have to consider when the weather is gloomy and overcast which is also a cause of the solar panels’ low performance.

Clean the solar panels using the appropriate tools and cleaning agents

Keeping your solar panels clean would also ensure they are performing their best because gunk, grime and dirt build up will cause them to malfunction or for the panels to not be able to absorb all the sun’s photons. Don’t use any abrasives because you would scratch the solar panels’ glass. Usually, solar panels come with their own cleaning kit.

Make sure to follow the cleaning instructions and to only use what is provided since this is what’s recommended. Cleaning the panels are also easy. Just make sure to use clean water because it would be easier to clean them when they are wet. After you have purchased the panels, inquire how often you need to clean them. There are panels that require weekly or monthly cleaning, depending on the type.

Installing automated cleaners to clean your solar panels is also recommended, especially if you don’t have the time to do it yourself or if you don’t have the necessary safety harness to make sure you don’t fall off your roof. You could also hire professionals to do it for you particularly if you are not confident of yourself doing a good job of looking after your panels.

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