How To Curb The “Baby Blues”

Baby blues is a phrase used to describe the emotional changes a new mother goes through soon after her delivery. This can include suddenly feeling overwhelmed, anxious or worried. Mood swings and feeling irritable with the combination of fatigue, lack of sleep and isolation are a result of a change in hormones.

Usually the baby blues do not last for more than a week as your body eventually adapts to the changes. However, it may take longer for some mothers than others and only becomes a concern when the feeling has been prolonging. Below are a few tips new mother and those around her can help adapt to the changes she may encounter during her baby blues.

Show some compassion for yourself

There is a first time for everything, and there is a good chance you will make mistakes till you learn from them. New mothers may feel guilty for not knowing how to feed her baby, blaming herself for an endlessly crying baby or feeling as if she is failing to take care of her child.

This is when it is important for her to understand there are many mothers who may be feeling the exact same way. Those around her should try to ease the stress as much as possible and keep reassuring her she’s doing a great job.

Accepting help

As a young mother you may feel the need to do everything for your baby on your own, but sometimes it isn’t physically possible. Be willing to accept help from your partner or anyone who can give you a helping hand with washing, cleaning or even putting the baby to sleep. Take rest when you feel overwhelmed and knowing that you aren’t alone will help cope with the stress.

Spoil her/yourself

While all your attention is on your newborn, there is a good chance you haven’t had any time for yourself. If you know a mom who needs some spoiling there is a range of gifts for new mums that she could benefit from. Whether it is books, bath and body supplies or even some new clothes. Indulging in some personal time can help improve your mood and keep you away for responsibilities for a while.

Make social connections

Joining a new mom’s group or following similar blogs can help provide support and answer any questions you might have. This acts as a support system for new mothers and makes them feel less alone. Blogs and YouTube channels also provide tips on how to take care of the baby such as feeding patterns and sleep schedules.

Mothers are able to share baby blue symptoms and share experiences. This boosts morals and helps getting through the process easier. It is also crucial that a new mother goes outdoors with her baby as isolation can cause depression and mood swings.

Each mother goes through this period feeling different and finding their own ways to deal with the changes. While the transition is completely normal the baby blues period should be monitored so that it doesn’t extend into postpartum depression.

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