How to Clean and Maintain a Sex Doll

When you purchase a sex doll, you need to make sure that it is cleaned and maintained properly so that you can use it for many years. Sex dolls can be quite expensive depending on the quality so you need to make sure that you follow proper cleaning procedures.

When you are putting clothing on real life sex dolls Australia, you need to make sure they are washed and clean. You have to wash the clothes several times to make sure there are no dyes that will leach onto the skin of the doll and discolour it. If you have a TPE sample, you can test the clothes on it to make sure it will not affect the doll. Or you can use the clothing for short periods of time to get an idea of whether the dyes are transferrable or not. It is generally dark coloured clothing that carries a higher risk of staining the skin. If you are using a dark colour such as black, blue or red, make sure that you try it on the top of the head or an area that is not very noticeable to ensure that it doesn’t stain. Tight clothing can also mark the skin of the doll and leave indents. You can use them for short periods of time only so that the changes are not permanent.

There are certain lubricants that you can use on sex dolls but what is generally recommended are water based lubricants. This will not harm the doll. There can be some damage to the doll when you use oil-based lubricants and you should take care never to use silicone based lubricants on the doll. There are also alternatives that you can use in place of water based lubricants such as mineral oil or Vaseline. Vaseline is essentially petroleum jelly and it is not a hospitable place for bacterial or mould growth. When you are cleaning a TPE doll, you need to make sure that you don’t use bleach, dishwashing liquid, rubbing alcohol or boiling water as these will damage the doll. You can use mild soap or an antibacterial solution that is greatly diluted.

Some dolls come with removable vaginas and this will make it easier for you to remove and clean after using. But if it is built in, you can use a vaginal irrigator or a showerhead to clean the area. You need to rinse the area well and dry it completely. TPE has a tendency to stain because it is a porous material. So you need to be extra careful about the clothing that you use and the surfaces that the sex doll is kept on. But whenever there is a stain, you need to attend to it immediately. You can also contact the brand that manufactures the doll to get a stain remover solution or cream. Once you have cleaned the doll, you need to pat it dry to prevent the formation of mould. You can use a microfibre cloth to dry the doll. You can also place a fan to ensure that all cavities are completely dry.

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