Different Types of Temporary Fencing

Fence installation takes a lot of time and it can be quite expensive. If the reason that you need fencing is a short term application, then it is best to rent fencing than purchase it. This will be more cost-effective and you will not be beholden to look for storage space for the fencing when it is no longer needed.

There are many reasons that you will need to rent temporary fencing. These are generally rented for construction sites for safety purposes and for festivals. Temporary fencing should be taken into account when you are creating a safety plan for the event or the construction site so that you can minimise your liability in case of an accident. This will reduce insurance costs as well. There are different types of temporary fencing available but this will depend on your requirement.

Maybe you simply need a visual barrier that will signal to the public that the area is not safe to breach. Then there are types of fencing that are used to keep out intruders and serve security purposes. These fencing types are a great way of controlling an area and making sure that people and property are kept safe. If you are carrying out repairs in your property, you can use temporary fencing to make sure that people don’t venture into an area that is not safe.

Many construction sites use nylon mono-filament fencing to bar off hazardous areas. This is made of nylon wire and it is very easy to transport from one place to another. It can also be installed very easily. And nylon wire can withstand different conditions and it is very durable. It can resist corrosion, stretching and sagging. You can also use this type of fencing to contain pets or animals within a certain area.

If there are pests or animals coming into your garden, you can erect a barrier with nylon wire to ensure they don’t come in. If there is a sporting event where there is a risk of balls hitting the spectators or surroundings, you can cordon off the playing area with nylon wire. There is also barricade fencing that comes as steel barricades of HDPE barricades to block unauthorised access to areas and to regulate traffic.

Mesh and pole fencing is generally used as safety fencing for pools, Jacuzzis, hot tubs etc. It will prevent anyone from falling into the pool and it comes with safety latches that will prevent children from accessing the pool unsupervised. Chain link fencing is a common type that is used for many applications.

This is made from galvanised metal. It is easy to install this type of fencing because you don’t need to use a post that is anchored into the ground to hold it in place. This can be used as panels and the panels can be connected to each other to create a barricade. It comes with its own protective base to keep the fence upright. You can use this at the edge of a property to denote the boundary while still providing a view of the property. It can also prevent intruders from accessing the property when barbed wires are added on top.

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