Dentistry: Everything You Need to Know

Every class has that one child who raises up their hand and says “doctor’ whenever the teacher asks them who they want to be in the future. In fact, not just one child there could many children with the same answer. While not all of them may become doctors and change their ambition later on in life, there are also certain children who stick to the field of medicine.

The title “doctor”

Even though the title “doctor” is something that is used by each and every doctor, there are many different fields in which they could be specialised. An oncologist is a doctor specialised to treat cancer; a paediatrician is a doctor who is specialised to treat children. Likewise, there could be many different fields. The field of dentistry is also one such field young children who aspire to be doctors one day could look into.

Who is a dentist?

So, who exactly is a dentist? A dentist is a doctor who is specialised to provide care to a person’s teeth, gums and the oral cavity in general. They also involve in promoting oral health and educate the public about healthy habits that could ensure the maintenance of the health of our teeth. Some of the duties or the activities done by a dentist include, tooth extractions, cavity fillings, fluoride treatments and many similar things.

How to become one

Just like the other fields, the route to becoming a dentist include acquiring certain qualifications and gaining experience for a certain amount of time. The requirements may vary from country to country, but the usual procedure includes, completing a bachelor’s degree, gaining experience as am intern or a trainee dentist, passing an admission test to get registered as a dentist and continuing professional development and education by completing higher degrees while gaining more experience.

Where do they work?

A dentist may work at a hospital setting, a private clinic and may work collaboratively with other dental professionals. You can even set up an artistic dental practice with your colleagues. Sometimes working collaboratively with others may increase your overall work satisfaction. However, that does not mean that individual private practice is boring. It could be equally rewarding.

Similarities and differences with other doctors

A few of the differences between a dentist and other doctors would be, of course the fact that dentists focus on the health of the buccal cavity while other doctors focus on the health of other parts of the body or the whole body, dentists need to complete a degree related to dental surgery while others need to complete a surgery related to medical surgery. A few similarities would be that after completion of the degree and getting the license they will both be known as doctors and can practice in many healthcare settings.

Love what you do and do what you love

Well, one thing is clear, be it dentistry or some other field of medicine rigorous training, education and experience is necessary. However, if you truly love what you are doing it will pay off when you are working for sure! After all, the best job is the job that you love doing and something that will make you feel like going to work.

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