Cost-Effective and Sustainable Clothing Brands in Australia

Thoughtful young man in meadowWorking with sustainable fashion brands is a must – you’re helping save the environment. You might think that pieces from such names would be expensive. But this isn’t the case. We talked about some affordable, great companies around.


Boden isn’t an Australian brand. It is from the UK, but has gained traction down-under and across the globe. What’s great about it is that it’s aiming to fully use sustainable viscose by 2025. It is also looking to change its source of cotton, going for an eco-friendlier choice.

We’re a fan of its swim wear line. All of the pieces in it have been made from ECONYL regenerated fabric. You might have no idea what that is – it is material from the sea, like nylon, being repurposed.

DK Active

DK active offers chic sports-wear. They are good-looking enough for casual settings, and to be worn when out and about. The brand is sustainable, as the cut offs from fabric are used for the manufacturing of pieces. What’s more, DK Active uses renewable energy throughout the cloth producing process.


Tackle’s an up-and-coming name in the game. It produces men’s underwear. The choices available are immense; they ooze a modern feel. What helps the brand produce sustainable clothing is it using bamboo for its undergarments.

The plant grows back quicker than cotton. It also requires less water to grow. Yes, Tackle bamboo undies are eco-friendly. However, they are also some of the softest underwear around. This is thanks to bamboo wicking away moisture.


If you want beautiful dresses, and not have a guilty conscious, you’ll work with ELK. The brand has been awarded for how sustainable it is– it has won the prestigious Australian Fashion Laureate Award for Sustainable Innovation in 2016.

Most of its clothes are simple, which is a perk as this is a popular trend in the industry currently.

One of the ways ELK produces sustainable pieces is by only using certified organic trade cotton.


From all the names on our list, H&M is the most famous. It isn’t an Australian brand, but a multinational with many branches across the globe. Being so big, you wouldn’t expect it to be a sustainable clothing producer.

It has been vocal about how much it is against “fast clothing” – pieces that are put out quick, with little concern about the affects to the environment.

One of the best things about H&M is that it lets you track down all the clothes produced in its sustainable range; you’ll know exactly where the materials they were made from were sourced, even the factory where the pieces were made.

Final Thoughts

What did you think about all of the points we discussed? Working with sustainable brands is what you need to do as, as you’re being conscious of the environment. You may think that buying from such companies would be expensive. However, this isn’t the case. You just read through a list of some great affordable names.

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