Why You Need a Building and Pest Inspection

A building and pest inspection will be carried out by two or more inspectors and this can take an hour or more depending on the size of the home. The benefit of having more than one inspector is that the risk of missing a vital issue is lower.

The cosmetic issues of the property can be spotted by a cursory inspection. These can be repaired easily. In a building and pest inspection Central Coast there has to be priority given to inspecting the structural integrity of the property. This is important for the safety of the occupants of the building. Even smaller cosmetic issues have to be inspected further to see if it is a warning sign of something severe. As laymen we will not be able to spot anything out of the ordinary when walking through a property other than some of the visible irregularities. But trained inspectors will be able to access hard to reach areas to provide a comprehensive report on the condition of the house. They will check the foundation and drainage of the property with special attention to structural integrity. The roof is another area that we will not be able to access safely. Building inspectors will be able to check the structure of the roof space and look for leaks. They will also check if the insulation is holding strong. The integrity of the roof will be examined and the state of gutters will be inspected.

A building inspection will assure you that there are no major damages to the property. If you find these damages after purchasing the property, you will need to spend more money to rectify the issues and make the property safer. These upgrades will not necessarily increase the resale value of the property as it is understood that there is a standard to the basic condition of the house. So if you replace a rusty gutter, this will not increase the property value. It is an essential maintenance task that has to be done to protect the property. You also need to consider the price of rectifying the damages. Minor damages can be repaired easily. But owning a property is a significant financial decision and having to repair major issues can put a big dent in your property budget.

In addition to a building inspection, you also have to carry out a pest inspection. You may not find pests on the property but an experienced inspector will be able to find evidence of pests and follow the trail to uncover infestations. They will check the trees, gardens, backyards and retaining walls for evidence of pests. There are also parts of the home that will be thoroughly checked. Make sure that the pest and building inspection company you are working with sends you two separate reports outlining the full details of the inspection in-depth. It is best if you can attend the inspection with them so you can get some of the questions clarified. Make sure you clear this with the company beforehand.

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