Why Stubby Holders are Popular?

Stubby holders are very popular in Australia when it comes to keeping drinks cool in the midday sun. You will see these everywhere at the beach, celebration parties, construction sites, sporting events, backyard gatherings, etc. So it is a much-loved item that is very functional.

Stubby holders are lightweight and they are moulded to the shape of standard cans and bottles. There are many companies that manufacture these and they also offer personalisation where you can have an image or text printed on the stubby holder. The stubby holder has evolved and there are other applications where similar items are used to carry out the same purpose; which is keeping your drinks cool. One such application is personalised icy pole holders that are great for kids.

These can hold ice pops or ice sticks. If you have tried an ice pop when you were young, you will remember how frozen your hands were at the end of it. These icy pole holders will keep your fingers from freezing and it is reusable as well. So you will be able to save some paper towels.

Stubby holders have a simple shape and purpose but there are so many design that you can select. They are a great gift item for a friend where you can print out something on the stubby holder that they will love. Maybe you can have a print of their favourite band or favourite quote. The possibilities are endless. This is why they are used quite commonly as promotional items.

You can have the name of the company and the logo printed on the stubby cooler. As it is something that people use frequently, it is a great way of building brand recognition. You can consider contrasting colours for the stubby holder so that they stand out. You will generally be able to use a stubby holder for a couple of years but you also need to make sure the design can last as long. You can check reviews of different companies to see who is recommended by previous customers.

There are stubby holders for cans and bottles. While they were originally used for beer cans, there is so much versatility that you will get from them now. There are many drinks that come in cans so you will be able to enjoy a cool beverage in the sun without having to worry about it getting warm too soon.

The stubby holders are most commonly made of neoprene and they can be used on a range of beverage containers that attest to their flexibility in application. You can use it on water bottles, wine bottles, etc. While it works on the principle of insulation and requires a simple manufacturing process, it is a very functional and creative item that can be used almost anywhere. It was originally made with polystyrene foam but it wasn’t as effective as neoprene.  You will be able to find stubby coolers in so many shapes and sizes today. There are even stubby holders that come with light effects.

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