Why Should You Change Your Engine Oil Regularly?

“Engine oil is the lifeblood of the car” is a sentence you will often hear from car enthusiasts and mechanics. But why? Simply put, engine oil basically permeates every single moving component in the car’s engine and lubricates them. This leads to less wear and tear on the engine and keeps the engine happy. However, engine oil needs to be replaced regularly and in this article we will explore why.

When people think about cars, they often talk about the exterior, the body shape, the horsepower produced by the engine, and the price, but no one thinks about the brake rotors. Rotors are one of the things on the car that helps it come to a stop. Without proper brakes on a car, the safety of the occupants and everyone else on the road will be compromised. If you’re looking to change your brake rotors visit protex rotors. They’ve got a great team working with them who will work on your car like it was their own.

So why exactly does engine oil make any sort of difference to the car? Well, the engine oil on a car helps increase the engine performance. As I said before, the engine oil helps lubricate the hundreds of moving parts in an engine. The moving parts often work at immense speed and cause heat and friction despite the engine oil, and accumulates dust, debris, and metal shavings making the engine oil less effective over time. If left unreplaced for too long, the engine oil can become thick with impurities and will reduce the efficiency of your engine. Over time, unreplaced engine oil can seriously damage the insides of the car.

Having regularly replaced engine oil also makes the car less harmful to the environment. When engine oil is left unreplaced, the operation of the engine becomes highly inefficient making it highly dangerous by emitting environment harming and noxious gasses. This is highly undesirable, and if you don’t want it to happen with your own car, go ahead and change your engine oil.

Another reason why you might change your oil is because it gives better gas mileage. The operation of the engine is to burn petrol and convert it into movement. When the engine oil is left unreplaced that operation becomes increasingly inefficient because it adds resistance to the internal workings of the engine. This means that the car will burn more petrol or diesel to produce the same amount of movement. By changing the oil, you will be able to see a huge difference in your mileage.

In addition, regular engine oil changes will help you in extending the engine life. By changing the engine oil regularly, you will be able to preserve your engine. Old engine oil can accumulate a lot of dust and debris which is highly harmful to the operation of the car. By changing it regularly you will be able to keep the car running for decades. So that’s it, just a few reasons why changing the engine oil is so vital.

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