What to Wear on Your Wedding Day?

The wedding attire I not complete with just your dress. In order to put together the perfect wedding outfit, there also has to be other jewellery and accessories that compliment with it. So, what are the essentials that you need to wear on your wedding day? Read below to find out.


Shoes are one of the first thing to think of. This is because when you are choosing your veil or adjusting the hem or length of your dress, your height will matter. And your total height includes the size of the heel you choose. Stilettos are the choice that most brides go for.

But you might have to change this with the venue or the location of the wedding. For example, an outdoor wedding will be better with wedges so that you want sink to the ground every time you walk. If it is on a beach or has some boho vibes to it, you can ditch any forms of heels and opt for simple sandals. 

Hair Accessories/ Headdress

How do you want your hair to go? If you are not a big fan of jewellery but still does not want to go completely plain, then hair accessories are the perfect way to add a touch of glimmer to your outfit. What type of veil are you’re going to wear?

And what kind of accessories will be best matched with that veil? These are some of the questions you can ask yourself. If you want to go without the veil, then you have a larger number of choices. You are free to choose from flowers and boho flower crowns to crystal headbands, hairpins, tiaras, clips or bun wraps. 


What is the jewellery you plan to wear other than the wedding ring and the engagement ring? Depending on the neckline of your dress, decide whether you can wear a necklace or not. For example, a strapless dress is the perfect to let your necklace show.

But if you are wearing a halter neck dress or other neckline that is high, then just earrings would do. Don’t overdo your jewellery either. Keep it simple but elegant., you can add a bracelet to this collection too, but that is completely up to you. If you are not wearing a matching set, make sure your jewellery complements each other.

Bridal Lingerie

The undergarments are not the top most priority of most brides when it comes to the wedding attire, but what you choose will help to define how you look in your dress. You can consult your stylist or dresser about the undergarments that would fit best with the dress you have chosen. This will include the type of bra that suits your dress, a shapewear if it is required or of you want and seamless underwear to ensure it does not show above your dress. You can also add a bridal garter to go along with this set. 

Once these are chosen, now your wedding attire is finally complete. Make sure to match a complement the accessories you choose and you will have a picture-perfect outfit ready.

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