What to Expect on Your First Cupping Therapy?

Cupping therapy is a type of holistic treatment that is slowly going mainstream. Originating in China and used as traditional medicine, it has become popular because a lot of people, not to mention famous athletes have become supporter of the treatment because of its numerous benefits. Cupping therapy have become the answer for those suffering from muscle pain, back pain, migraine and or headache, knee, neck and shoulder pain and even cold and asthma.

For those who have not yet experienced it but is willing to give it a try to reap the benefits, read below to have a fair idea on what to expect on your first cupping therapy.

Three to Seven Cups Would Be Placed on Your Body

Cups would be placed in your body by suctioning or creating a vacuum with a flammable material which is the traditional way of cupping. Nowadays, the therapy became modernized by using an electrical or manual pump or self-suctioning cups. The cups would then be placed from five to ten minutes.

Although there is also a procedure called “flash cupping” where the cups are placed then removed in rapid succession. If the therapist applied cream or oil on you, don’t be alarmed because this is also expected. Puncturing the skin is also normal, because it helps in blood flow and is considered to assist in clearing toxins from the body.

There Are Side Effects

Among the most common side effects of cupping therapy is swelling, dizziness and or nausea, fainting and light-headedness and burns (for the traditional way of cupping). Round shaped marks or bruises is also expected but could fade from two to three weeks. Not all are also advised to avail of cupping therapy. Pregnant people, older adults and people with health conditions must not try the treatment. If you are not sure your health condition is included in the list of those who must not do the cupping therapy, you can learn more about cupping services here.

Complementary Treatment

Since there is still a debate about the effectiveness of alternative treatment, know that similar to other holistic therapies, cupping must not be the only treatment to seek for health conditions. It should be a complementary treatment, not as a substitute and it is recommended that you inform your doctor about it because they could advice you if the alternative therapy would help or aggravate your situation. Of course, aside from you, your doctor knows your body and of your physical health.

Once you have decided and you are allowed to undergo cupping service, there are some considerations that you have to think of such as is the practitioner certified to do the cupping treatment, what of your conditions could be treated by cupping, is the practitioner implementing safety measures and how sanitized and clean the centre is. Do your research beforehand especially if it is your first time. Ask your family and friends who have done the treatment before for their recommendation since you would not want your first time to be your last as well.

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