Understanding Different Types of Lug Nuts

There are many different types of lug nuts and you need to understand which is the correct type for the wheels of your vehicle. These lug nuts are made of different materials depending on the type of car. Most lug nuts are chrome plated but you can also find anodized aluminium or titanium lug nuts.

Lug nuts are wheel fasteners and they are what keep the wheels attached to the hub. Different vehicle models will have different models and sizes. If the nut wheel is damaged, it can be difficult to remove the wheel. The most commonly found type of lug nut is the conical lug nut.

The lug seats are cone shaped and they are shaped similar to acorns. You can easily work with these lug nuts but you need to make sure that you have purchased the right size. You have to consider whether you are buying lug nuts for factory wheels or after-market wheels. You can find lug nuts for after-market wheels very easily.  But for factory wheels, you have to be careful that you are buying the right size lug nuts so that it is a perfect fit. The lug nuts should be properly tightened. A good rule of thumb is making sure that the wheel studs don’t go beyond the wheel more than 40mm.

There are extended thread lug nuts that are used purely for convenience. You can get a grip on them and you can install and remove them quite easily. But this will not be right for every situation. Sometimes, a part may not sit flush when you use extended lug nuts so you need to consider your requirements and what is possible with your project. You may have seen spherical lug nuts as well. They are also quite common in vehicles. Spherical lug nuts are also called wheel nuts. It has a spherical seat and the head of the lug nut is similar to the conical lug nuts. So you may confuse the two if you don’t look at the seat. You will be able to easily install these lug nuts.

Mag seat lug nuts have an extended thread and a flat washer seat. Because of the latter feature, the lug nut will be seated flush to the surface they are fitted. There are some mag seat lug nuts that will come with washers. Then there are lug nuts that will have built-in washers. They are a little easier to use. Flat seat lug nuts will be seated flat against any surface they are fitted onto.

While this makes installation easy, removing the lug nuts can be a little difficult because of this. You will need some experience to get the lug nuts off quickly. These are similar to mag seat lug nuts because of the flat surface they provide. The difference between the two is the extended thread that mag seat lug nuts come with. There are instances where you can use one or the other. But working with a mag seat lug nut is much easier because it is easier to get a grip on it.

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