Top Tips to Take Care of Your Motorcycle

Just spent some serious cash on a motorcycle? You’d want it to be in the best condition at all times. No need to fret, we’ve run through some great tips that’d help you take care of it. Keep reading to learn more.

Warm It Up

When your bike has been sitting around for a while, the oil in its engine would collect at the bottom. You have gravity to thank for this. Revving the engine before driving would let the oil start moving again, lubricating the insides.

How long should you be revving for? Around 30 seconds would be perfect. You can stop when the temperature indicator has risen to the operating level.

Look at The Tire Threads

One of the most important things to keep an eye out for is the treads on its tires. Together with your weight, the motorcycle would weigh over 200 KG. The threads support the weight, letting you ride.

Depending on where you live, there may be laws on how thick the threads should be. In the UK, they need to a minimum of 1 mm.

Have a Sharp Ear

You can tell there’s something wrong with a bike by using your ears. If you notice any odd sounds, get the vehicle checked by a mechanic. Its engine may have an issue. Even if it was a false alarm, the mechanic might inform you of issues that may be on the horizon – prevention is always better than cure. 

Are the Liquid Levels Right?

Motorcycles consist of many intricate parts. You’re going to have to lubricate them often. There are reservoirs where the oils for them would be stored. You can check up on their levels in the storage areas.

You can’t use just any lubricants. Depending on the bike you own, it might need a specific type of oil. Thankfully, this would be stated on the user manual. It’d also advice at which reservoir levels a top up would be needed.

Get A Proper View

Check the vehicle’s underbelly and sides – do you see anything odd? It might be hard to get a full view without proper equipment, though. Think about purchasing a motorcycle lift kit.

If you’re going to DIY the mechanical work and fix any issues, the lift kit would let you tend to the bike easier.

How’s Its Battery?

Its battery would be tucked away in a box. The constant vibrations from driving may have rattled it in the box, causing cables to come loose. Who knows? Dust might have gotten in there too. Either way, electricity isn’t allowed to flow smoothly. Look at the terminal ports and clean them. Make sure to tighten the cables too.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to taking care of bikes, there is a range of things to do. We discussed some of the best tips that’d keep your vehicle in good condition. However, there are many more things you could do out there. From the points discussed, the easiest would be to keep an ear out for any funny noises. There may be an issue looming with your bike’s engine.

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