Tips To Toilet Train Your Child

An important milestone in a child’s life is reaching the age of toilet training. Teaching a child to understand and recognize their body signals for urinating and to have bowel movement is called Toilet training. This includes teaching the child to use a toilet or a potty chair in a suitable manner at the correct times. This time period of a child would be a hard time for the parents.

We should teach them the steps and the procedure properly, so they could understand them slowly as the time goes by. It is usual that mostly children begin toilet training between 18-24 months and are finally trained by the time period of 24-36 months. We should train them in a good manner and most importantly should be calm with them. Now we will look into few important things to be followed when toilet training your child.

Appreciate them

Most of the parents are too worried and at the same time get angry with behavioural patterns of children. Rather than finding and blaming them for their wrong doings, we could notice the good things and the steps they correctly follow in the process of toilet training and appreciate them.

Appreciating them for simply sitting in the toilet or to even giving a signal to us indicating he wants to go to the toilet is good enough. This would motivate them more to follow the correct steps, because they will be appreciated more by the parents.

Rewarding them

It would be difficult for a growing up child to absorb all the instructions at once and follow them. We should give children their own time to get used to the process. So, simply rewarding them with a high-five or even a toffee encourages the children to follow the steps correctly. Rewarding them right after the child completes a toilet sit properly will put him in a good mood. The rewards could also include a sticker, a book or even an extra game.

Encourage toilet sitting

As children grow, we should encourage them more for toilet sitting. On one hand in their early days, we could teach our children to remain dry, it may lead to health issues later on. Even though they have accidents in the initial stage, we should keep telling them to stick to the steps.

We should be careful not to punish or insult them because it will delay them betting used to process. This would also lead them to hide accidents and their dirty underwear as well. In that case you could use Spewy bed pads which will minimize the process of cleaning up.

Providing them choices

We should always be concerned about the children and their good-being. They should be kept in a good mood always. So, giving them choices would encourage them and automatically put them in a very good state of mind. Simply, we could give them few options to select with when buying a child potty and even letting them choose between few rewards after a proper toilet sit.

Scheduling toilet sits

We could schedule toilet sits sessions in a day. We could allocate toilet sits in the morning for bowel movements and for a time period of 10-20 minutes. You could change the times if you notice your child having bowel movements at particular times. Also, if you notice signs or body movements depicting the child wants to use the toilet, make them sit on the toilet as soon as possible.

So, these are the few of important factors you should be concerned when starting to toilet train your child.

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