Tips for Cleaning a Soft Tonneau Cover

A soft tonneau cover is a great way to protect your cargo. This will also improve the appearance of your truck. When you install a tonneau cover, you need to carry out proper maintenance to keep up its original appearance as well as reduce the damage caused by dirt and debris.

You need to have

The necessary supplies to clean the cover such as a bucket of clean water, a garden hose to rinse the cover, mild detergent, soft bristled brush or a soft cloth, soft sponge, soft towels to dry the cover and protection for the cover. This can be vinyl protectant or provide protection to the cover from UV radiation. It is important to read the instructions given by the manufacturer before cleaning the cover. There will be specific instructions on how to carry out the cleaning process. And there can be certain cleaners or materials that can damage the material which will be specified in the instructions.

Following the guidelines set by the manufacturer will help maintain the warranty for the cover and prevent any accidental damage from the cleaning. Once you have the supplier together, you have to remove any loose debris from the cover. This may be branches, leaves or dirt sitting on the cover. You can use a soft cloth or brush to wipe these away. You need to make sure that no abrasive materials are used for this.

Once there is no debris on the cover

You can rinse the cover. Make sure not to apply a lot of pressure through the garden hose for this. All you need is a gentle spray nozzle. If you use high pressured water, it can damage the seals or the fabric. You can prepare a cleaning solution in the bucket. There are specialised cleaners for tonneau covers. But you can also use gentle detergent for this. You have to remember not to use any harsh cleaners as this can damage the cover.

The cleaning solution has to be properly diluted so that there will not be any residue left on the cover. You can transfer the cleaning solution to the cover using a soft sponge. Even a microfiber cloth will be a good option. Scrub the cover using this and make sure to remove any bird droppings or stubborn stains on it. A brush with soft bristles can be used for stubborn stains but you have to temper the force used to scrub it as it can damage the protective coating of the cover.

After the cover is clean, you can rinse it with clean water so that any trace of soap is removed

You have to make sure the cover is washed through so that no residue dries onto the surface. If this happens, you will notice spots or streaks on top. The cover has to be dried using a soft towel so that excess moisture is removed from the surface. Doing so will prevent the appearance of water spots on the cover. Make sure to tap the cover dry instead of rubbing it. You need to make sure that friction is not used to clean the cover.

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