Things to Know about Medal Mounting

There is a correct order of wearing medals whether they are originals to be worn or replicas that are to be installed. This requires mounting which calls for precision and skill. There is national and personal importance to all these medals and when you visit a medal mounting location, it is best to see how seriously they take their work.

The medal mounting centres such as A1 Service Medals will be aware of all the specifics when it comes to mounting and be able to do a professional job. When it comes to the width of the medal group for the chest, they will take into account the structure of the wearer. Normally, the width of a medal group that is mounted on the chest is about 160mm when it comes to full size medals. But if these are miniature medals, the width can be reduced down to 110mm. These widths are not applicable when the intention of the mounting is for display purposes only. When the medals are displayed instead of worn, the ribbon should be exposed as much as possible.

There are instances that the standard width cannot be maintained when there are a large number of medals and the ribbons of each are not exposed fully. In this instance, overlapping of the medals will be done; however, the first medal will be fully exposed while the balance medals are overlapped equally. Usually, when there are about five or more full sized medals, overlapping will be done. In miniature medals, it will require nine or more medals for overlapping. The length of the medal group is taken as the dimension from the top of the ribbon to the bottom of the medal. There is a standard for this as well. Full sized medals should have a length of 95mm while miniature medals should be 57mm. There are instances where we cannot stick to these standard lengths if the clasps that are attached to the ribbon need extra length to be exposed or if the physical size of the medal is larger. If such an additional length is required, the rest of the ribbon and medal lengths will match this modified length as well for uniformity.

There are two common styles of mounting which is swing mounting and court mounting. The medals hand freely from a bar when it comes to swing mounting. This style of mounting is also called Free Style mounting. Here, the medals are not supported by a backing board and both sides of the medal can be seen. But there is a small drawback to this type of mounting as there could be damage to the medals due to the way they come into contact with each other. Because of this factor, most mounting places recommend court mounting to preserve the quality and integrity of the medal. In court mounting, the medals will be fixed to a back board of Perspex. There will be a pin that is fixed to the back of the board that will be used when wearing.

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