Things to Know About Interior Design

More often, when we think about refurbishing the rooms, the thought of hiring an interior designer crosses our minds. That is mainly because we are too bored with the same old, dull surroundings. Either it is a drive to beautify the space from scratch or to modernize with the existing. 

However, considering the cost of hiring an interior designer, you might as well want to do it yourself. Interior designing can be done by anyone, with the right and creative pattern of thinking. Don’t worry if you have given it a thought and are feeling overwhelmed. If you know the concept and have a clear idea, you have got the game right. Now, it is just a matter of channelling your plan step by step and executing them. 

Consider these factors

  • The placement of furniture and fittings
  • The colour tone and texture for the walls
  • Which flooring material to use 
  • The type of window treatment, curtains VS blinds
  • Selection of lighting that suits the room the best
  • Look out for what are the additional accessories and equipment that can enhance and adorn the space- for example, ornaments, indoor plants, etc.

These are the basic factors one should consider when planning interior design. In this article, we are going to understand how to beautify the plain-singular-coloured walls. 

How to decorate a wall?

Anything placed on the walls is an attention grabber. For instance, even the simplest thing like an ancient wall clock will leave a lasting effect. Moreover, the ones who had a glimpse of it will have it in their memories for longer than expected. Such is the impact of visually appealing objects.

Another way you could brighten up your space is through Gioia wall arts. These pictures enhance the plain wall, bringing a touch of luxury. Hence, creating an aesthetic outlook.

You must be wondering how a poster can make so much of a difference. Read below, as we have cleared your doubt. 

Why is wall art so significant?

  • In case you are stuck with deciding the colour combination for your space, here is a tip. Go to a store and select the most eye-appealing frame- and that would guide you to decide the colour codes for your room.
  • The main concept of interior design is to create a focal point. If I may say, wall arts matter the most in interior design. This artistic approach will effortlessly grab any visitor’s eye in an instant.
  • In most cases, not all walls are equal or of the same shape. You can fix this by hanging a few frames forming a pattern; that brings style and texture to the wall.
  • Anyhow, graphics on the wall denotes the interior is up-to-mark. Hence, it gives a sense of completion. It brings a touch by transforming your wall, which looked rough- sturdy and empty; to a smoothing and appealing interior design magazine page.  

Above mentioned reasons highlight how an image or a frame on the wall creates a lasting impact. So, if you are planning on doing your own interior design, do not miss it out!

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