The Three Main Types of SEO Marketing

In the recent past, the term “SEO” has been used a lot in regard to online marketing. We all know what it stands for: that is “Search Engine Optimization” but what does it really mean? SEO is basically a method to attract organic, un-paid for traffic to your web page.

It is the use of key words and structures that allows the search engine to display your website in the top searches of the related field. Keep in mind there are ways to boost your website through monetary payments but the use of SEO is totally organic. There is however a lot more than just making your web page attractive. Here are some of the factors that affect the on-page and off-page SEO optimization.

Content marketing

Content marketing is one of the most important SEO services that you will use. The quality of the content is what engages the search engine to display your website in its top results. The better the quality of your content and the more engaging it is enabling the search engine to display it in the higher rankings.

Content could include blog posts, how to do tutorials, social media content such as posts or even videos and recordings, anything that promotes the use of the product or service. Some of the content can be a complete third party to the business page hence you may not have full control over the quality of the content. Although affiliate marketing is just as important, it really does depend on the structure of the words and the clarity of it enabling the search engine to pick up on it.

On-page SEO optimization

Unlike some mediums included in content marketing that is the third party, whatever is on-page SEO is what is in your control. You can alter, add or improve the information to make it more attractive and effective. Probably the most important is your title. There is a perfect balance between making your title attractive enough to click on using the correct words to enable it to be shown in a high ranking.

The title should answer the searched question but also build curiosity. The Meta description is what tips the boat in your favour. The 160-character sentence just under the title gives a description of the contents of the article or website. Search engines depend on the Meta description so it is important to have it crisp and to the point. Once the user clicks on the URL the webpage has to be equally engaging.

Off-page SEO optimization

This sort of content is what you may not have direct control over but is just as important. Off-page SEO is a non-direct link that brings users to you through another medium. This could be the use of links, where you link up an article related to the industry you operate in with the hope of a user clicking on it. Or even through social platforms, the number of likes and posts builds up trust and awareness to engage users into clicking on it linking them to your page.

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