The Positive Effects of Aromatherapy for Relaxation Massage

You might have heard of aromatherapy and using essential oils to treat maladies. You might have not believed this but you might be surprised to know that aromatherapy have been around since thousands of years ago. Ancient civilizations have used aromatic plants for physical and psychological healing purposes.

This holistic healing treatment helps in improving the condition of the body and the mind. And if you are feeling stressed lately, aromatherapy for relaxation massage could help you get rid of your fatigue and all the other mind clutter that affects your mental health.

Aromatic Essential Oils Are Calming

For those seeking relaxation massage to calm down, there are numerous essential oils for that. Among the most popular oils for anxiety are lavender, jasmine and chamomile. To avoid any skin irritation, these oils are diluted with a carrier oil such as coconut, jojoba and almond which are good for the skin because of their moisturizing capabilities. With the sleep-inducing scent of these aromatic essential oils, the smell receptors in your nose would notify your brain that it is now time to rest. As a natural remedy, aromatherapy using these essential oils would calm you of your anxiety and stress.

Aromatic Essential Oils Are Energizing

If you are looking for an Adult relaxation massage in Adelaide, don’t be surprised if you are treated to a massage with peppermint, rosemary, lemon, eucalyptus or sweet orange essential oils. These oils are proven to increase energy levels. Of course, you would want to be reenergized and full of stamina for a night of pleasure. So, if you promised your significant other a night, they would never forget, better get a massage beforehand and request for an energizing massage.

Aromatic Essential Oils Are Uplifting

When you feel you are in a funk and it is affecting your daily activities and your relationship with the people important to you, you would be pleased to know that aromatherapy could also help lift your spirits. Bergamot, grapefruit and frankincense are uplifting essential oils that were proven to invigorate, lower stress level and relieve tiredness. Your colleagues would enjoy working with you, your friends would always invite you over for a good time and your partner would appreciate it you doing the chores so they could rest and relax.

Aromatic Essential Oils Are Stimulating

Aromatic essential oils are also used as an aphrodisiac. If you or your partner is experiencing decreased libido and it’s seriously harming your sexy and romantic times, there are essential oils that increase sexual appetite. For libido booster for females, ylangylang, clary sage and sandalwood are the best. While for males, ginseng, yohimbe and carpolobia are among the recommended. And to make it more stimulating, the essential oils could be used not only during a relaxation massage but also in an oil bath and or through a diffuser.

Now that you know the positive effects of aromatherapy, be sure to test first on a small patch of skin the essential oil before you use it on your or your spouse’s whole body to avoid any allergic reaction.

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