The Importance of Corporate Signage

Signage is just as important as your own name; people see it and immediately recognize it. Just think of McDonald’s simple red ‘M’ it is so simple, yet there is no one who cannot recognize it. Similarly brands such as Nike, Apple and many others have gained so much popularity due to its effective signage. Just like the name of your company your signage becomes a brand too.

Stakeholders associate your logo with the name and if they are both powerful this will result in great marketing and advertising. Small business may not focus on their signage or logo too much due to costs budgets but it is a crucial step in order to kick-start and ensures success. If you are still debating on whether you need to up your businesses logo or associated signage here are some tips to convince you.

Signage is a communication tool

As the term signage implies it is for the soul purpose of communication. Whether it is company logo or just signs inside your office to let people know where to go, you are trying to send them a message.

The designing of a logo should bring out the image you want to capture that enhances your business name. if you are running a restaurant or a clothing boutique your signage will determine how may new clients walk in. it has to be punchy, aesthetically pleasing, understandable and act as a promoter in itself.

Reflects business quality and authenticity

Have you ever seen run down name board of a shop on the street and not wanted to go in? That is how important signage is. The high quality, new, punchy sign will motivate and attract clients.

Regardless of how successful the business is people are attracted to colour and font so it is highly suggested to maintain the signage within the external and internal premises of your business. If you are looking for corporate signage installation services there are quite a few companies that are dedicated to this. Do sufficient research before giving it over to a company.

Improves branding

Branding is carried out numerous ways. It is through marketing and advertising, sales and promotion and word of mouth. All of these factors determine how successful your business can get in terms of popularity and client base. If stakeholders find your logo, office premises and environment pleasing there is a good chance they will return.

Your brand and logo are supposed to create their own persona that stakeholder’sassociate the company with. When signage is effective and well thought out it is able to capture the attention of stakeholders. Just like how the 3 simple red and yellow letters of ‘DHL’ immediately connects you with the logistics company.

Psychological impact

A logo or sign isn’t made because it had to be, the colours, fonts and design are all made to stir up a connection with those who see it. It brings in familiarity, trust and appeal that show stakeholders what the company stands for.

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