The Concept of Family-Style Restaurants

You may have frequently heard the term “family restaurants” and wondered what exactly it meant. On the exterior the restaurant may look just like all restaurants. The only feature tying it to its name is probably the fact that there are families with screaming kids. 

So, what does “family style restaurants mean? Andis there a difference? Whether you want to open up your own restaurant or just genuinely curious about the difference, here are some concepts that are used to classify a restaurant as family friendly.

Diversified menus

Catering to a family varies between ranges of age groups. Hence, why the menu has to be crafted to suit all the possibilities and combinations. The menus are often set between fast food and casual dining.

Kids will probably not enjoy an exquisite meat chop with a side of salad, while adults will probably want something tastier than fish fingers or a burger. The menu does not have to specifically have a kid’s only menu while most restaurants do, rather it can have an option of side dishes or smaller portions.

Moderate pricing

A family restaurant does not have expensive or elite cuisine. It falls into the category of trendy or classy rather than expensive or upscale. In order to cater to the different family sizes prices should be within a certain range.


When we think of family, we assume lots of noise and kids. The interior of the restaurant should not be cluttered or with expensive furniture and ornaments. It is preferably spacious. Some of the fun family restaurants could include play areas for kids, the ability to celebrate birthdays and other occasions or even host kids’ parties.

Style of dining

Similar to most restaurants, a family style restaurant will have to have table serving rather than counter serving. Menus can be made to fit a platter concept rather than individual plates. This encourages sharing and a more relaxed atmosphere.

Larger seating arrangements to allow more seats around a table encourage larger crowds. Informal, relaxed an enjoyable are some of the vibes a family restaurant is supposed to achieve. This is not only limited to the dining style but also to the staff. Friendly staff is a must where kids and adults feel comfortable.

Catering services

Offering a catering service is an additional service that family restaurants should adopt. There are a number of restaurant chains that provide a catering service for parties and other occasions. This works as a promoter to the restaurant. The concept of providing a catering service portrays being involved in “family related” events.

Alcohol and bars are kept separate

Some family restaurants may have wine and alcohol options in their menus for those who would like to order it. However, if a bar is present it is normally set away from the dining area and operates separately.

The concept of a family style restaurant captures a great market share, as people like dining with their families. It is important to provide a relaxed and enjoyable service.

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