The #1 problem why industrial lifting machines last shorter with risks

Whether it was a warehouse, a construction site, a large scale mechanical workshop or even a manufacturing center, there’s one fundamental operation that can be seen in every place – lifting. Lifting and moving of objects are almost completely automated in the present.

In this read, we’re going to pinpoint the #1 problem that is so fatally risky to both your workers and the machinery that also shortens their lifespan and provide you with the best solution for that. That’s why you should interconnect each point by reading everything up to the very end.

What’s the #1 reason?

The number one reason is related to the inclination of the loads. To be more precise, this problem is when the angle made by the slings or chains at the object that’s being lifted is not 45 degrees of angle. If it’s still unclear, imagine it like this – there’s a triangle; the top vertex is where the machine is and the two sides on either sides of the top vertex are the chains or the slings, and the side opposite to the vertex is the object; thus, the angle made by the sides of both sides of the vertex at the side opposing the top vertex should be 45 degrees.

Why has it become the #1 reason?

The reason why this is so important simply due to a matter related to load distribution. When a load is being lift vertically at an angle, there’s going to be a vertical component and a horizontal component of the resulting of the weight; at 45 degrees, the weight gets halved.

When this doesn’t happen, it basically means that the chains of the slings are not ideally placed and that increases the risk of the lifted object to slip, and if that happened, both the object and the workers are going to be at risk. In addition to that, the weight that the lifting machine is going to handle is always going to be much higher every single time and that of course shortens the lifespan.

Ultimate solution

So, the solution for this should help the system to make that 45 degrees angle at the object by the two chains used, usually. Hence, the solution can be implemented when you install eye nuts for lifting in the system. Once you do that, all you need to do is hook the chains at the mathematically placed ends of the object. Since the angle made will be 45 degrees every single time, the #1 problem that sabotage everything related to the lifting will be resolved for good.

If it involves, three chains or even four, the angle still should be 45 degrees with respect to the considered plane of force.

Final word of advice

Our final word of advice is always to ensure that you’re buying the brand new nuts from a reliable seller. That way, you don’t have to worry about the longevity or any other damages that happen during industrial lifting operations.

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