Take Care of Your Favourite Handbags with These Tips

Getting a new handbag is a great addition to your wardrobe. Designer handbags can vamp up your outfit and give you the classy look you deserve. But when you own a good handbag, it is also your responsibility to take care of it the right way. How do you ensure its durability? How can you make sure you can keep the leather from wear and tear? Read blow to find out.

Basic Bag Care Tips

One of the first things you need to know in order to take care of your handbag is to know what you can do. For example, simple change of habits that you can practice to keep it from stains and creases. If your bag is tending to fold down or if the leather keeps creasing when you store them, you can use a bag pillow inside it. If you don’t have a bag pillow you can use something like a smaller wallet or a clutch, or even some old newspapers inside the bag so it will keep its structure.

Just like a bag pillow, something else you can use to ensure good usage of the bag is a handbag hook. These hooks allow you to hang your handbag instead of placing it on the floor in places like bars or hotels. This will save your bag from being stained by all the dirt and dust on the floors.

DIY Cleaning

Handbags need its own care routine. While taking it to a specialist is the best option, there are certain steps you can follow to keep it clean in between specialist cleaning sessions. Firstly, get yourself a leather care kit including a bag cleaner. Make sure to use soft brushes or a small rag and not brushes with hard bristles when you are applying the cleaning products on the surface of the bag.

This is to keep the leather safe from tearing under the harsh rubbing. When you apply cleaning products, make sure to pay extra attention to the corners, underneath the handles and the bottom of the bag. These are generally areas where dirt tends to gather so don’t overlook them.

How to Take Care of Stains

Try your best to keep your bag away from staining. This means ensuring all your makeup is properly sealed inside a makeup bag before you carry them in the bag, keeping your bag sae when you go out to eat or to the salon so the food or the products won’t stain it accidently.

But sometimes these accidents still happen. In case of a liquid stain, try blotting out the liquid as much as you can with the help of a cloth or a tissue. Use warm water to damp the area. One thing you need to avoid with liquid stains is rubbing on the stained area. Instead, remember to gently dab.

What Products to Avoid

There are leather protection kits or cleaning kits you need to use to keep the bag in good condition. Similarly, there are also products that you need to avoid. Among them are home remedies that are more myths than proper cleaning hacks. For example, never use vinegar to remove stains on the bag. When it comes to cleaning, don’t use baby wipes. If you are trying out a new cleaning product, spot test – on a place of the bag that is not often visible – so you know it won’t damage the bag.

Handbags are investments that we don’t hesitate to make when we shop. However, once a bag is yours, practice the right care routine so your investment is not lost.

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