Steps to Follow to Create Your Very Own Home Gym

Most of the time, gym memberships cost more than what they are worth and with the pandemic on a constant rise, online workout videos and trainers are the modern work out method people are adapting to. You could build your very own gym at home which is not only easier to work out in but cheaper as well.

Here are some steps to creating a home gym that doesn’t require a ton of time or money:

Find the right space

Before you could think about following those burpees your instructor is telling you to do or lifting up those heavy dumbbells, make sure you have enough and more space to stretch yourself and work out freely. If you are unable to dedicate a whole room for your gym then at least try to allocate an area of your living room or bed room as your work out corner.

Design your setup

Now that you have found the right space, you can design the set up preventing all the flaws you noticed at your previous gym. Make sure the place is well lit and add in a mirror as well so you can see if you are doing the exercise right or not. Clear your neighbouring area of clutter and distractions so you could carry out the work out well right to the end.

Stock your home gym

You don’t need a ton of equipment or bulky space-consuming machines to get a good work out done. You can work on your cardio using a jump rope instead of a treadmill and opt for kettle bells instead of cable machines for a strength workout. You can perform various exercises that do not require any equipment at all to get the same results. Just make sure to look in to some rubber gym flooring options to prevent a sore back after those crunches.

Set up a storage space as well

If you want to pack in a ton of equipment you bought into the small space you set up as your home gym, then storage is key. Make sure you come up with a storage plan so you can balance the space enough to store all the equipment but also to work out freely. You can set up racks on nearby walls to store equipment and can slip in your yoga mat and jump rope under the sofa or bed.

Keep it clean and safe

It is important to make sure the place you set up is safe and ensure no accidents or injuries take place. Buy the right cleaning equipment so you can clean up your equipment once you are done using them. Make sure you also put them away safely and securely so that you don’t have any barbells accidentally falling off and injuring either you or the flooring.

Now that you have set up your gym, the last step you should follow is to actually use it. You could invite your friends over to work out with you if you need some motivation. Just like a real gym, you could see the results of your work out only if you actually visit it and use it regularly.

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