Solo Hobbies List – Good Ideas for Single Person Fun

Nothing beats spending alone time at times. Doing so will allow you to do the things you enjoy without any distraction. So, have time for yourself, because if you don’t, you’d compromise your health and well-being. Visit tourist spots you’ve never been to before or look for a hobby that you can do all by yourself on your spare time. If you’re introverted, you may dislike being around with people. Gladly, there are hobbies you can do alone. To get to know them, read everything below.


If you have an eye for photography, make it as part of your hobby. Photography allows you to see the world from a different view. Moreover, it can help improve your skills. Regardless of the camera you have, you can always learn how to point and shoot better. Use your smartphone to take photos if you can’t afford a point and shoot camera right now.


Never stop learning new things every day. Read a book or listen to podcasts. Both provide the information that you can’t learn in school at times. If you’re techie and you like using your device for doing your daily tasks, choose the latter. The good thing about it is that you can listen anytime, anywhere.

You can listen while you’re driving or doing your grocery shopping. Keep in mind that having a good hobby is better than watching the TV all-day as podcasts are powerful, and you’d be educated without spending a lot of money. In addition, you’d be able to learn new things directly from the professionals.


If you want a challenging hobby to do on your free time, try sewing. Sewing sounds quite a boring activity to do, but it’s good for you. Sewing offers an array of benefits, such as boosting your creativity and hand eye co-ordination, making you calmer and happier, and many more. For your sewing needs you may check out machine embroidery thread that you can use in your sewing machine.


Cooking is a skill you have to learn if you want to prepare meals at home. It’s more practical than eating out. Also, you know what’s on your food, especially if you have a health condition. Don’t worry if you have zero experience in cooking as you can always start cooking basic meals.

Learning to Meditate

To live a healthier lifestyle, do meditation every morning. Doing so can help you relax while exercising your body’s muscles. Start with the basic yoga poses and if you do it daily, you’d be better at it eventually.


Cruising is an excellent way to get a taste of many cities worldwide. The best part of going on a cruise is you don’t have to worry about transportation.


If you want to be closer to nature, try camping. Bring all your camping essentials, such as first-aid kit, flashlight, tent, etc. In fact, you can camp at your backyard if you don’t want to go far anymore.

There are more exciting hobbies you can do alone. Be sure to choose ones that can add value to your life.

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