Safety Measures for Every Construction Site

When your company takes on a construction project, how can you keep your employees safe in a construction site? And how can you avoid the risks that would fall on other people who might travel or live close to the construction site? As an employer, this responsibility firstly falls on you. So,keep reading to find out some of the things you should never forget when it comes to constructions.

Safety Training

The first step in ensuring employee and public is to make your employees aware and understand safety measures. This needs proper training before they are sent on a construction project. The training should include understanding the risks associated with the job, knowing the safety gear and basic first aid. Site specific training would ensure practical knowledge in safety measures and knowledge in how to act during emergencies.

Site Security

Whenever there is an on-going construction happening, the site should be restricted to outside parties. Only the employees and other parties relevant to the project should be allowed. This is not only to keep the site and equipment safe from outsiders.

It is also to keep the outsiders out of harm’s way. Most of the outsiders who will be using the neighbourhood of the site will be general public unaware of the risks associated. So, make sure the site is only open to authorised persons.

Use Safety Gear

Never send an employee to the construction site without their safety gear. They need to be wearing their PPE or personal protective equipment all the time while in the site. If anyone outside the working staff is required at the site, make sure they too are following the safety measures and are wearing the safety gear. For employees this means helmet, safety boots, gloves, etc.

Use Safety Signs

Safety signs are signs that are used around a construction site to warn and alert people about risks and the procedures to avoid those risks. Whenever constructions start at a particular site, it is necessary to use the correct signs.

For certain sites, hazard symbols and pictograms can be used to keep the staff and the public away from danger. If it is a road construction site, you can get equipment like traffic cones or find a place to hire emergency traffic lights in Melbourne so you can steer the pedestrians and drivers away from the site.

Methods Assessments

Merely sending your workers with training and awareness is not enough. It is also necessary to conduct necessary assessments to make sure that they are following the right safety measures, using the standard equipment or is following the standard methods. In addition to this, assessments also help to identify any potential risks so you can work to find out ways to minimise or avoid it.

Have an Emergency Plan

In case of an emergency, the knowledge of first aid will not be enough. While first aid is one of the most important things, there are also other things you will need. Firstly, have a shelter (even a temporarily erected one) to use in case there is an adverse weather condition. Hire a first aid officer(s) and have the first aid kits and equipment ready.

Hazards may not be completely avoidable. But if you follow the right steps, their risks can be minimised.

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