Reasons Why Nursing Necklaces Are a Great Accessory for Nursing Moms

Breastfeeding is a tough job – mothers who have done this before cold attest on how challenging it could be. There are times when you need to do some tasks or chores yet you have to stop and breastfeed first before you could continue. Aside from that, some would even experience breastfeeding discomforts such as body aches and pains.

Although babies might not be that hard to breastfeed during the first few months, it gets more challenging when they get older. They get distracted with little things such as accessories or anything that they could see or reach. They would even grab or play with things such as necklaces, mom’s hair, earrings, or anything within their reach. This is when a nursing necklace comes in handy.

A nursing necklace is worn by breastfeeding moms who want something safe for their little one to play with while feeding. It is made from safe materials and doesn’t pose a choking risk, making it safe for your baby to grab, play, or chew on it.

Here are some of the most popular types of nursing necklaces.

Silicone Nursing Necklace

Silicone nursing necklaces are also made for teething, thus the name. It usually looks like a string of pearls, making it look more aesthetically pleasing compared to other nursing necklaces. However, each bead is made from food grade silicone making it safe for your little one to chew on when teething. Many moms choose this because it looks like a real accessory unlike other chunky nursing necklaces.

Cotton and Wood Nursing Necklace

If you prefer an organic type of nursing necklace, cotton and wood is a must-try for you. It is made from wooden beads wrapped with cotton material outside. It usually has a big wooden ring as a pendant which catches your baby’s attention. The beads are safe to hold and pull plus the cotton is strong enough to keep it from breaking.

Amber Nursing Necklace

For those who are looking for a necklace that is easy to match with any outfit, try out amber nursing necklace. It has a unique colour because of its material, Baltic amber beads. This material is safe for babies; however, you should choose a style with bigger beads especially when your baby is at a stage when he loves to put things into his mouth.

Sensory Teething Necklace

Sensory teething necklaces are the most affordable among the other styles. It looks like a set of sensory beads that hang on a simple ribbon. However, these beads have different textures that are perfect to help your baby explore a variety of textures. Because of its style and colours, it would definitely catch your baby’s attention, helping him get focused during feeding.

There are still plenty of nursing necklace styles out there. If you’re a breastfeeding mom, having a good nursing necklace is definitely a great and helpful accessory to own. Help your baby feed better and free yourself from those pulls and grabs by giving him a safe nursing necklace.

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