Reasons to Have an Architect on Board for Your Renovation

Renovation can be a big project and you need to consider whether a renovation or a complete rebuild is the best solution for you. This is something that you can discuss with a professional as well so that they can give you an informed opinion. However, if there are financial restrictions, you can look at how the renovation can be phased out so that you don’t invest all the money you have in one gone.

An architect has an official license to practice architecture and they have a unique outlook and a vast background regarding design and construction. They look at the aesthetics and functionality of a building as well as the requirements of the client. When it comes to home renovations, it is best to have an architect guiding the process as they will be able to form a better outlook for what the finished result is going to be and make sure that the house is modified to suit your lifestyle as much as possible. Both the interior and exterior of the building will be considered by the renovation architect Brisbane. Generally, an architect can provide sound and useful feedback when it comes to a large renovation project ensuring that you get the most out of your budget.

The architect will first have a conversation with the homeowner about their concerns for the project and what they are hoping to achieve from the renovation. Generally, a renovation is carried out when the homeowner is not happy about certain aspects of the house or they find the space too small for their needs. Once the main issue is identified, the architect will come up with a conceptual plan for the renovation process. In addition to the concerns of the client, the architect will look at the project at a higher scale by considering how light and ventilation is taken into the building and how the building interacts with its surrounding context. To do precise modification plans, measurement of the existing house will be taken and plans, elevations, 3D images and walkthroughs will be provided so that the client understands what the finished design is going to be.

With a complex renovation project, you will need to provide construction plans to the local government to get approval for construction. This is something an architect can help you with. A general contractor can draw up a plan for renovation as well but an architect will look at the bigger picture and provide a better design in the end. It all depends on the complexity of the project and the magnitude of your scope. If it is a basic repair like replacing finishes of a bathroom or kitchen, you will not necessarily need the input of the architect.

Granted, an architect can provide a more aesthetical and space economical solution but this is something you can get a contractor to do as well. When it comes to extensions or renovations that are structural in nature will be better managed with the addition of an architect. They will be able to create an efficient space plan that will help you utilize the maximum out of the space you have.

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